How to apply for Skeem Saam Audition And Registration for 2024?

One of the few television programmes in South Africa that frequently holds open casting calls is Skeem Saam. Most of the youthful talent that is currently gracing our screens was found in this way.

Some of the beloved characters have graduated from high school and moved on to university in 2023. They leave Turfloop in search of exciting new opportunities in Johannesburg.

What is Skeem Saam?

Winnie Serite is the creator of the South African soap opera Skeem Saam, which has been airing on SABC1 since 2011. Since it arrived, it has become more well-known, competing with Generations.

Skeem Saam is a SABC Education production that mostly targets young people. There have been ten seasons of it. Due to a sharp drop in viewers, the SABC announced in January 2021 that the show would cease production as of March 1.

The narrative depicts the struggles and triumphs that Turfloop residents experience as they go up the success ladder. Together with the lifestyles of the rich in Johannesburg and how they manage the various difficulties they encounter, it also follows the rich and poor residents of Turfloop.

Skeem Saam Auditions 2023

Skeem Saam is seeking outstanding performers that are driven, enthusiastic, disciplined, and dedicated to their craft as well as have a burning desire to be a part of our show.

The website Some of our characters will be moving to this other, supplementary Johannesburg realm, and these new performances will become the major thread of the characters there.

Skeem Saam Casting Process

Casting for the following characters is expected to happen:

  • lively, young students (aged 18 – 25)
  • Lecturers (30 and older) (30 and older)
  • Tutors (24 and older) (24 and older)
  • security personnel (25 and older)
  • Academic Staff (25 and older)
  • Possible parent pairings (40 and older)

There will be auditions in Hammanskraal and Johannesburg, and they are looking for men and women from all of South Africa’s linguistic groupings.

The following location will host the auditions: MANDELA VILLAGE IN HAMMANSKRAAL

Address: 532/3 Lovelane Road, Mandela Village, Hammanskraal Community Hall/Sports Grounds


A two-minute monologue of your choice should be prepared. It may be from a movie, television show, or any stage play. On the day of the audition, some scenes would also be provided to enact, based on which selections will be made.

Skeem Saam Application 2024

Skeem Saam is largely a Sepedi show that is based in Turfloop, Limpopo, but we will do our best to make our Jo’burg world the representative of the variety of Jo’burg as possible. People from all around the nation, as well as from various regions of the continent and outside, will live there.

We are searching for men and women from all of South Africa’s language groups to audition in Hammanskraal and Johannesburg.

According to reports, applications are currently being accepted for a number of the show’s characters for the year 2024 via their official website.


More about the show

The local drama programme explores the condition of today’s male youth and the difficult obstacles they encounter as they grow into men.

The series’ fundamental thesis is that real men are created, not born.

Adolescent boys are inclined to push themselves. They want to know where their boundaries are. Will they live long enough to turn 21? Who will develop into a strong, trustworthy man? What roles do close friends and neighbours have in influencing the next generation of men?

The lives of three teenage boys and their families are closely examined in the television series. It looks at how these boys handle problems with self-esteem, relationships, and challenges with gender and masculinity.

Cast members include Clement Maosa “Kwaito”, Cornet Mamabolo “Tbose”, Patrick Seleka “Katlego”, Africa Tsoai “Mr Maputla”, Harriet Manamela “Mrs Maputla”, Eric Macheru “Leeto”, Shoki Sebotsane “Mrs Kunutu”, Lydia Mokgokoloshi “Granny”, Paulina Mothlatswi “.

The Underlying theme of the show

In a Limpopo township, three teenage males and their families are followed in Skeem Saam as they make their way into adulthood. The programme looks at how these males handle problems with self-esteem, relationships, and questions of masculinity and gender.

They will discover that they shouldn’t be constrained by gender stereotypes as the story goes on. Instead, kids come to understand that everyone deserves to be treated equally.

Real men are made, not born, and this is a very fundamental and important underlying principle for the drama series. Skeem Saam opposes outdated ideas about masculinity by encouraging healthy younger versions in contemporary culture.

Who among us will make it to age 21? Who will develop into a strong, trustworthy man? What roles do-dads, uncles, teachers, and neighbours have in forming the male population of the future?

These are some of the potent questions this show is raising. With a strong male and female case, the show has been running strong for 10 seasons now.

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