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Renowned Kwaito sensation Bonginkosi “Zola 7” Dlamini, celebrated for his philanthropic endeavors in poverty-stricken communities, finds himself in a dire situation as he grapples with the burdensome financial strain of his ongoing medical treatment. The beloved actor was diagnosed with epilepsy three years ago, and ever since, he has silently endured the profound impact this chronic illness has had on his life.

Zola 7 health issue

In a recent development that captured media attention, City Press revealed that Dlamini’s management team has initiated a crowdfunding campaign to rally financial support for his mounting medical expenses. Acknowledging his unwavering spirit, the singer’s management emphasized that despite his resilient outlook, the escalating medical bills have left him in a precarious position, prompting them to turn to the public for assistance through the crowdfunding initiative.

Dlamini publicly opened up about his health struggles for the first time in May during an emotionally charged conversation on the popular podcast “Podcast and Chill With Mac G,” hosted by Macgyver “Mac G” Mukwevho.

During the interview, the star disclosed the toll the illness has taken on his physical well-being, recounting a period of extreme sickness characterized by alarming weight loss and constant tremors that left those around him fearing for his life. To manage his condition, Dlamini now relies on a demanding medication regimen, requiring him to take medication twice daily.

The impact of this chronic illness on Dlamini’s daily life became painfully evident when he experienced two seizures while driving, leading to a serious accident. As a result, the artist has made the difficult decision to refrain from ever getting behind the wheel again, prioritizing his safety and that of others on the road.

Top 10 High-Demand Jobs in South Africa

Supply Chain Manager (Average annual salary: R750,000) The role of a supply chain manager is crucial in overseeing the movement and storage of materials and products within South Africa’s delicate supply chain industry. With the need for skilled candidates to ensure efficient distribution and logistics, these positions play a vital role in maintaining the health of local, national, and global markets, making them highly sought after.

Translator (Average annual salary: R275,000) In an increasingly interconnected world, multilingual candidates are highly valued in South Africa. Translators are instrumental in facilitating international business connections and nurturing relationships across various industries. With their language skills, translators are in high demand and play a pivotal role in many businesses throughout the country.

Software Engineer (Average annual salary: R600,000) The demand for software engineers and architects has been consistently growing in South Africa, mirroring the global trend. These professionals contribute to the development and maintenance of software systems, enjoying flexible schedules and abundant opportunities for career advancement.

Agricultural Engineer (Average annual salary: R650,000) With South Africa’s fertile landscape and abundant resources, agriculture is a booming industry in the country. Agricultural engineers are instrumental in harnessing the potential of sustainable farming practices, making this profession increasingly popular and in-demand.

Data Scientist (Average annual salary: R550,000) As technology advances, the role of data scientists becomes increasingly significant. These professionals utilize machine learning techniques to analyze and interpret large data sets, helping organizations make informed decisions. With the ability to uncover patterns and trends, data scientists are indispensable assets to startups and other firms.

Accountant (Average annual salary: R350,000) Accountants provide a wide range of accounting services, including tax advice, payroll management, and financial accounting assistance. They can work independently or within established financial institutions, offering their expertise to clients across various industries.

Health & Safety Manager (Average annual salary: R275,000) With the growth of businesses in South Africa, the need for health and safety managers has become essential. These professionals ensure compliance with workplace safety laws and protect the well-being of employees. As companies prioritize safety, these roles will continue to be in-demand.

Lawyer (Average annual salary: R750,000) Lawyers are vital in providing legal services to individuals in need. Experienced and knowledgeable lawyers often earn higher salaries, especially in areas such as criminal law, wills, property transactions, and contract law. Given the importance of their work, lawyers remain in high demand.

Structural Engineer (Average annual salary: R450,000) The infrastructure sector in South Africa offers numerous engineering opportunities, and structural engineers are particularly sought after. With the diverse landscape and abundant natural resources in Africa, these professionals oversee projects such as power plant construction, hydroelectric dams, highways, and bridges.

Registered Nurse (Average annual salary: R300,000) Becoming a registered nurse requires extensive education and training, making it a highly respected profession. The demand for nurses remains high, both in private and public healthcare facilities.

The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the need for healthcare professionals, leading to the establishment of privately run healthcare facilities across the country. Nurses from various specializations are in demand to support the healthcare system.

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