Zodwa Wabantu exposed

Angry traditional healers have taken to social media to expose Zodwa Wabantu, revealing that she is not a genuine traditional healer despite her claims. This revelation has sparked a heated debate between Zodwa’s fans and traditional healers.

Zodwa’s supporters are fiercely defending her, emphasizing her long history of healing her fans. They argue that she should not be criticized for who she is.

However, some people believe that traditional healers should refrain from judging others and instead focus on their own lives. This disagreement has intensified the debate, leading to further tensions between traditional healers and Zodwa’s fans. As the controversy unfolds, questions surrounding Zodwa’s authenticity as a traditional healer continue to surface.

Canadian Jobs Without Experience 2024 to Immigrate on Work VISA

Canada offers a range of high-paying jobs in various sectors without requiring work experience. This provides a great opportunity for fresh graduates and skilled professionals to find employment in Canada and settle in the country. Some Canadian industries actively hire foreign workers without any experience, provided they meet the qualification requirements.

High-Paying Jobs in Canada Without Work Experience Requirement

Several sectors in Canada hire individuals without work experience if they meet the necessary qualifications:

  1. Medical Jobs
  2. IT Jobs
  3. Driver Jobs
  4. Banking Jobs
  5. 5-Star Hotel Jobs
  6. Media Channel Jobs

Qualifications Required to Work in Canada

To apply for jobs in Canada, you will need to have an academic degree or diploma that matches the job requirements. Different sectors have specific qualifications needed for various job positions. For instance:

  • Engineering Jobs: Bachelor’s degree in engineering.
  • Healthcare Jobs: Medical degree, nursing degree, etc.
  • Banking Jobs: College diploma or university degree in business administration.

List of Latest Canadian Jobs Without Experience for 2024

  • Canadian Engineering Jobs: Entry-level engineering positions such as drafter, project manager, safety engineer, etc.
  • Canadian Healthcare Sector Jobs: Jobs for doctors, nurses, surgeons, physicians, and healthcare management staff.
  • Canadian Cash & Carry Jobs: Opportunities in various cash and carry stores.
  • Banking Jobs in Canada: Positions in banking require a college diploma or university degree in business administration.
  • Canadian Government Jobs: Trainee graduate jobs, management trainee jobs, and internships offered by different government departments.
  • Canadian Aviation Jobs: Jobs in aviation companies for roles like flight attendants, aircraft tow operators, and customer service support.


Canada presents excellent opportunities for international job seekers without work experience to find high-paying jobs in various sectors. By fulfilling the qualification requirements and preparing a strong resume, applicants can explore a range of job opportunities and potentially immigrate to Canada on a work visa.

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