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Zimbabwe businessman Tagwirei’s Arundel hospital bridges community gap

Local tycoon businessman Kudakwashe Tagwirei’s Arundel hospitality facility which has saved many lives has moved in to bridge the community gap. Through his Sakunda vehicle, Arundel hospital which played a pivotal role during the Covid-19 pandemic has been named the best medical facility which offers both humanitarian and pyscho-social support.

This is not the first time, the local tycoon has hit headlines for good reasons, with many across religious, political and social divide benefitting from his social endeavours. Tagwirei who doubles as Elder of SDA church and Sakunda Holdings CEO has remained a low profile figure with huge and strategic impact on addressing vulnerability and well-being of the community.

Tagwirei’s Arundel hospital bridges community gap

He is a kind man, who cannot say no to many who have been begging for financial assistance to go abroad for medical reasons. The word “NO” does not exist in his vocabulary particularly on this faithful journey of hospitality to a number of our brothers and sisters who are struggling to make ends meet. During early formation days of his Sakunda vehicle, Elder Tagwirei was sponsoring many students in different higher learning institutions throughout the country.

Arundel hospital bailed many old aged and disadvantaged people during the covid-19 pandemic with free consultation and treatment. The hospital which is operating from a non-profit making scheme, is doing several community outreaches to save lives of many. This is the first hospital in the capital city to offer assistance to many people who cannot afford to foot hospital fees in both private and public hospitals.

Despite Sakunda vehicle placed under sanctions, it has managed to serve the community, bridging a huge gap to meet the community’s needs and international best practise. The Sakunda giant has managed to fulfil his 1 million pledge to Solusi University, and advancing most of the local higher learning institutions with financial assistance and agriculture equipment and inputs for innovation and creativity.

Speaking to media briefing, Dr Sibanda, who doubles as senior civil servant and church leader, he has commended Kuda’s gestures to assist locals to fulfil their future endeavours. In his own words, “we are proud of Tagwirei, and he has done us proud, and he needs all the necessary support to ensure the President’s vision 2030 is fulfilled.”

We have known Tagwirei for years, and it has been his norm to assist many people in different communities, particularly young people and he has done this wholeheartedly. He is a humble and devoted Christian, who has managed both his private and public life very well, and he is not outspoken, he does not harbour and ambitions except to serve the community.

We have been with him for a while in the SDA community, and he has done us proud, you may not even believe that he is within the congregation, his heart is for those who desire to grow and expand. I can tell you, with Kuda, if you want to get along with him, trigger the issue of faith, giving back to the community and the desire to expand the kingdom of God.

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These were the words of the long –serving Elder Sibanda. Apart from his social support gestures, he has offered counselling services to many couples around town, and through his weekly online Sabbath school guide under Harare city centre church, the facility has gained huge traction, and many have testified to have received hope through his constructive message.

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