Zandie Khumalo Celebrates Recent Success, Acknowledges Haters’ Role in Music Career

Zandie Khumalo Celebrates Recent Success, Acknowledges Haters’ Role in Music Career

In an exhilarating moment of triumph, Zandie Khumalo, the talented singer, expressed her excitement over her recent achievement and graciously attributed a portion of her success to her detractors. Taking to her Instagram account, she proudly announced that her song, “Amatshe,” has been making remarkable strides on music charts.

Zandie Khumalo Celebrates Recent Success, Acknowledges Haters' Role in Music Career
Zandie Khumalo Celebrates Recent Success, Acknowledges Haters’ Role in Music Career

With genuine enthusiasm, Khumalo elaborated on the unexpected assistance she received from those who harbor negativity towards her. In her Instagram post, she reflected on the undeniable truth that individuals like her will always thrive, regardless of the circumstances. According to her insightful perspective, besides possessing innate talent and a dedicated fanbase, the inclusion of critics and gossipmongers played an instrumental role in propelling her music to the heights of success.

“I am absolutely thrilled to share the fantastic news regarding the impressive numbers ‘Amatshe’ has achieved on various charts and streaming platforms. You see, the reason artists like us consistently excel, no matter the obstacles we face, is because we are blessed with not only our talented supporters but also a unique group of individuals: our unpaid, and often unemployed, strategic and marketing managers—the very people who talk about us without provocation,” Khumalo expressed in her Instagram post.

Grateful for the unexpected contribution from her critics, Khumalo genuinely appreciates their unintentional efforts in keeping her name in the public eye. Despite the adversarial nature of their discourse, she acknowledges the role they play in generating interest and generating conversations around her work.

The singer’s heartfelt message serves as a testament to her resilience and ability to transform obstacles into stepping stones on her journey towards success. By recognizing the presence of detractors as an integral part of her artistic career, she demonstrates a mature and insightful understanding of the music industry.

KIA YES Learnership Application: Empowering South African Youth through Work Opportunities

In an effort to address the pressing issue of youth unemployment in South Africa, KIA South Africa, under the umbrella of its holding company Motus, has introduced the KIA YES Learnership program. This initiative aims to offer vital work experience opportunities to young individuals across the nation.

Through the program, KIA South Africa will provide a one-year fixed-term work contract to 63 unemployed learners, along with ongoing support, training, and access to jobs within the KIA group.

Recognizing the significance of work experience in shaping successful careers, KIA South Africa emphasizes the importance of practical exposure. By providing diverse work experience opportunities, the company aims to assist learners in discovering their passions and developing the necessary skills for a prosperous future.

The YES program, launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa, has been instrumental in combatting the high youth unemployment rate in South Africa. Over a span of just two years, YES has created a staggering 51,600 work experiences for previously unemployed youth. These partnerships have injected approximately R3 billion into the economy through salaries transferred to the youth workers.

KIA South Africa, in collaboration with Motus, is actively participating in the YES program by offering employment opportunities to the youth. The majority of YES learners will be placed in sales coordinator roles, providing them with invaluable experience in customer service, administration, vehicle financing, and overall business operations. This exposure will enable them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in running a successful business.

The impact of the YES program has been remarkable in enhancing youth employability. According to a recent survey, despite a lack of formal education, 42% of YES alumni have been absorbed into employment. By providing young people with their first work opportunity, companies like Motus infuse energy and innovation into their businesses, creating an economic ripple effect that benefits both the youth and the wider economy.

Motus extends its commitment to empowering the youth by funding additional opportunities through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) program. Collaborations with organizations such as Unjani Clinics and the Imperial and Motus Community Trust have resulted in additional placements that go beyond the traditional employment cycles. Furthermore, Motus is also offering driving lessons and driving licenses to provide more young individuals with access to driving-related opportunities.

Motus firmly believes in the corporate sector’s responsibility to contribute to skills development in South Africa. By investing in programs like YES, the company not only provides opportunities for the youth but also expands the talent pool for the entire industry. This collaborative effort serves to benefit both the youth and the automotive sector as a whole.

The KIA YES Learnership program stands as a testament to the commitment of KIA South Africa and Motus in equipping the youth with the skills and experience necessary to thrive in the job market. Through these initiatives, they are paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for South Africa’s young generation.

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