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Woman in tears after buying yogurt at Woolworts ate it but later noticed this when she was done 

Woolworths Holdings Limited (JSEWHL) is a South African multinational retail company that owns the South African retail chain Woolworths, and Australian retailers David Jones and Country Road Group. Woolworths, however, has no association with Australia’s Woolworths supermarket chain. The South African Woolworths business consists of full-line fashion, home, and beauty stores, many of which incorporate a premium food retail offering. Stand-alone food stores and “Food Stops” attached to Engen petrol stations are also located in urban areas. Woolworths operates 155 full line stores, 52 Fashion, Beauty, and Home only stores,s, and 194 food stand-alone stores in South Africa,[when?] with 68 stores throughout the rest of Africa.[when?] Woolworths sells clothing and accessory items under several premium brands, namely Studio W, RE: and Edition, with the Group’s Australian brands Country Road, Witchery and Trenery also represented.

Shops like Woolworths are respected by a lot of people, and most of the people who shop there are white people it’s only a few black people shop there. So going to a shop like Woolworths you expect everything to be perfect because it’s alleged that when white people get into a store and find something wrong they complain.

So that’s why everything is always on point, things like expiry date it’s not always a problem and product are always on their shelves. For Instance, animal food and human food are always on their shelves, so it’s not every day you will check if this food is for human beings or animals.

But I guess it’s time people start doing that people started checking their things before paying for them after what happened to this lady. A lady was left in tears after she went to a Woolworths store and bought yogurt, took it without checking, and when she got home after supper she took out the yogurt to eat it, realized later that she just eat yogurt for dogs:

One thing about people on social media is that it’s not every day whereby you will say something and they will defend you. After posting that picture instead of comforting her they started blaming her. As they started saying didn’t she notice that yogurt is for dogs? Even though it has a dog’s face.

But then explained that she didn’t pay attention as that yogurt was put in the wrong place, the only thing she noticed was a strawberry flavor, she didn’t think that dog food will be mixed with human food.

In this situation, we can’t blame Woolworths or the lady but someone who put it there. But it’s too late now because she eats it already, but the good thing is it is not harmful but this should be a lesson to other people. Next time they should check before taking and buying something in the store.

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