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Well Paid, Scandal actress ‘Nomvula’ Slindile Nodangala stars in Isibopho, salary stuns Mzansi 

Well Paid, Scandal actress ‘Nomvula’ Slindile Nodangala stars in Isibopho, salary stuns Mzansi

Seasoned South African actress Slindile Nodangala is popularly known for her role-playing Nomvula on Scandal, who is part of the matriarchy of the Kubeka household. After Rhythm City ended, where she had a role as MaBlossom, Slindile has been in high demand. She joined the cast of Scandal immediately after, and now she is on Scandal at the same time as Isibopho.

Slindile Nodangala’s role in Isibopho

The debut episode of Isibopho happened last night and was full of drama. The first original Mzansi Wethu drama series did not disappoint at all. Slindile takes on the role of Onica, the matriarch of a family that is into many businesses. She runs her gambling business together with her son S’goloza. On the side, the two also run a smuggling business that is only known to them.

Actress Slindile Nodangala
Actress Slindile Nodangala-Image Source(Instagram/Slindile Nodangala)

In Onica’s family, she also has a stepson named Mazwi and a husband named Jacob. When Onica overhears Jacob telling Mazwi everything will be left to him after he dies, she gets mad. She felt entitled to the inheritance because Mazwi was a child her husband had with his mistress. However, she did not act on her anger but planned to do something about the will. Jacob then walks in on Onica holding a rhino horn and threatens to tell the police, which gets him killed by S’goloza. Mazwi joins them at the back and finds his father dead on the floor, which gets him killed by Onica to keep their secret.

Slindile Nodangala’s salary on Isibopho.

The actress has held many lead roles in her career, and this one is one of them. The role has the potential to be one of the most significant roles of her career. Slindile Nodangala is paid R65 000 for her role and is one of the three main characters. This is a remarkable milestone from what she was earning on Scandal.

Slindile’s role as Nomvula on Scandal and salary

Slindile Nodangala as Nomvula on Scandal
Slindile Nodangala as Nomvula on Scandal-Image Source(Instagram/Slindile Nodangala)

In Scandal, Nodangala takes on the role of Nomvula Kubeka; a good mom turned rouge. To protect her children, Nomvula will do just about anything, including lie to the police. This has led her to kill someone who was after her family and even pay someone for a crime committed by her son. The actress’s role is not lead, so she earns an estimated R45 00 to R50 000 monthly. With her experience, Slindile is one of the most paid and sought-after actresses in the industry. It only makes sense that her offers are more than the regular actors starting.

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