Work From Home: Virtual Administrative Assistant Wanted (Canada)

Fully remote position on a team with more than 30 inbox managers from different countries. Select the days and times you want to work (at the same time each day) Mon. thru Fri. To assist you in succeeding, a committed support staff and regular training are offered. Available performance bonuses include paid US federal holidays. To join the Inbox, we’re searching for a number of completely independent, self-employed contractors. as an inbox manager team.

To fulfill your duties as an inbox manager, you must be available Monday through Friday (during the hours you specify, at the same time each day) to handle any inbox-related chores for your chosen clients. You will be managing it if it relates to the inbox! To start, we empty our clients’ inboxes completely so that we can start over. Then, as we gradually answer to more emails and manage activities like scheduling, newsletter generation, customer service, relationship management, or general team coordination, we learn how to respond (and think) like the client.

We take on customers on a rolling basis and try to pair you up with people that complement your distinct personality, skill set, and hobbies. You will work one-on-one with your client and communicate with them directly moving forward after finishing a 30-day (paid) training period with one of our training managers (which confirms that you and the client are a good fit). While you are learning the ropes, all responsibilities are initially part-time and begin with one customer. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll gradually add fresh accounts to your portfolio.

Skills and Experience

English language proficiency and superior writing and verbal communication abilities grammar and spelling are important to them. a pro at using Outlook and Gmail. someone who values structure, order, and systems tech knowledgeable and eager to learn new platforms and programs utilizing your personal computer to access a quick, dependable internet connection being able to work remotely in an environment with little distractions. A capable administrator who enjoys conducting routine work. A chameleon writer capable of adjusting wording and tone to suit various clients.

To apply, please follow these instructions carefully:

Visit https://inboxdone.com/jobs-apply/ to read all the details about the position, or click the “Apply on Company Site” option.
Step 2: Submit your application by following the instructions.
Type of Work: Freelance
Hourly wage: $19.00–21:00

Added compensation

Benefits of bonus pay

Working at home

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