What Bushiri was seen doing last night made a lot of noise.

The observation of Bushiri engaging in questionable behavior the night before made quite a commotion.

Shepard Bushiri is no longer based in South Africa; nevertheless, this has not stopped thousands of South Africans from continuing to follow him as their prophet. Some have even made the trip all the way to Malawi to pay their respects at his funeral there.

After receiving blowback from formerly devoted followers, he escaped to his home country of Malawi in order to avoid facing allegations of corrupt behavior. It’s incredibly unfortunate that he allegedly stole so much money from people before vanishing altogether.

A significant number of South Africans living in poverty have begun to follow him. If people in Malawi are going out of their way to attend his online services, then you can be sure that people from South Africa will do the same thing in the comment sections whenever he posts a prayer or hosts an online session.

We were all under the impression that no one from South Africa would ever back him, but a surprising number of people have proven to be devoted supporters who are willing to battle to the grave to defend him online. However, we should wait for the judicial system to decide what should happen to him before making any more decisions.

At the summit that took place yesterday, Bushiri posted photographs along with a message in which he stated that he was planning for a better 2023 and hoping for it. This action caused a frenzy on social media. There is no hiding the fact that the year 2022 was a dreadful one for humanity.

As a direct result of massive job loss across the globe, but particularly in South Africa, there have been a significant number of fatalities, and the cost of living has shot through the roof. When his followers in South Africa found out that he was praying for better luck in the year 2023, they went crazy in the comments section. On his post, there were thousands of people reacting from South Africa and other parts of the world praying for him.

The images that he uploaded included ones of him sleeping and kneeling in front of a downed tree in the highlands. It was obvious that a lot of people had prayed fervently all through the night. The sheer number of people who have visited his page suggests that there is considerable interest in having a more encouraging beginning to the year.

Let us all put our fingers and toes together and hope that 2023 does not turn out to be a repeat of 2022. May God bless each one of us. Input “Amen” This is a prayer for you in the year 2023, asking that you be showered with blessings.

Those who have served in pastoral roles but have fallen on the wrong side of the law

Pastor Lukau

After a video showing Lukau resurrecting a dead man went viral on the internet a few years ago, he shot to notoriety as a result of the attention it garnered. In the video, the pastor of Alleluia International Ministry, Alph Lukau, puts his hands on a man who is inside of a coffin, and the man miraculously comes to life after being touched by Alph Lukau. The church announced that it was a miraculous occurrence, but many prominent members of the religious community were dissatisfied with the decision because it is impossible for something of this nature to happen place. The relevant authorities came to the conclusion that they needed to conduct their own investigation of the region and assume command of the predicament.

Pastor Mukhuba

Because Pastor Mukhuba did not adhere to the COVID-19 health and safety requirements, which led to noise complaints, he was taken into custody at the beginning of this year. These complaints were the cause of his arrest. The government has been quite severe about crowds assembling in one location because it is an easy way for the virus to spread, but in one particular church, thousands of people used to go and break the rules.

This is because the government has instituted stringent rules regarding the gathering of large numbers in one location. The house is located right next to the church, and the people who live there have expressed their displeasure with the constant noise that is reportedly coming from the church. In addition, the church is in close proximity to the house. The church was finally visited by the local police in an effort to do the right thing; unfortunately, combative church members immediately began fighting with them, resulting in numerous individuals being injured as a result of the altercation.

The judge has not yet made a decision about the case. People have the right to believe in anything they want, but we also have the responsibility to respect one another. Just because someone is a believer does not mean that they are exempt from the laws and norms that govern society. People have the right to believe in whatever they want.

Pastor Bushiri

The pastor was born in Malawi, but he is believed to be hiding out in South Africa at the moment. It turned out that Bushiri was the subject of yet another investigation, this time about allegations of rape. Allegations surfaced that a preacher in Malawi had engaged in sexual misconduct with multiple women and girls, the youngest of whom was only 16 years old.

The list of charges against Bushiri has been updated to include an additional eight counts of rape. Both he and his wife Mary have been charged with fraud, theft, and money laundering in connection with an alleged investment scheme that resulted in the theft of 102 million South African rand from investors. This scheme was allegedly carried out in South Africa. They were taken into custody, but they were subsequently released after posting bail, and it is suspected that they made their way to Malawi to evade justice.

Pastor Zondo

Pastor Zondo, who serves as a preacher at the Rivers of Living Waters church, is currently facing many counts of rape and is on trial for the offense. His alleged victims include people from his local church in addition to a family member from his own household.

Pastor Omotoso

The preacher, who was born in Nigeria, is at this time facing 97 accusations, some of which include rape, trafficking in human beings, and racketeering. Among the other accusations leveled against him are:

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