Warehouse Picker/Packer/Loader needed urgently:

Salary: R4 000 – R4 521 a month

Job Type: Full-time

(Your duties will include but are not limited to)

  1. Stock Picking

Verify and choose the appropriate products and amounts in accordance with the Picker Sheet.
Deliver products to the loading area in accordance with the Picker Sheet’s path.  Keep all stock organized and spotless, and inspect pallets for damage. Make sure that no two different stock types are ever placed on the same pallet. Pick only items from designated pallets in the refrigerator or freezer. Return wrongly chosen stock to the proper area or places. Make sure that stock rotation is carried out in accordance with the recommended procedures by stacking picked stock neatly to prevent/minimize damage. Before opening new boxes, just take stock out of the open boxes.

2. Packing and Loading

To ensure the stability of the vehicle, make sure the load weight is distributed. Place and stack the cargo such that it will be sturdy throughout travel and won’t tip over or move, protecting chilly goods from freezing. Make sure that all products are placed on pallets rather than directly on the truck’s floor in accordance with food hygiene standards.

3. Reporting & Counting

Check the expiration, sell by, and best before dates and report any defects. Short Register at Stock Controller for out-of-stock products. As per the established timetable, carry out daily blind stock counts.

4. Trolley Jack Operation

The Trolley Jack can only be used by authorized workers.
To protect your safety and the safety of others around you, make sure the equipment is used as directed by the manufacturer. Make sure that nobody else is in the work area, including passersby.

5. Teamwork:

Support your coworkers and department supervisors. Participate actively as a team member. performing any additional work, not listed here, that the manager may occasionally assign.

6. Housekeeping and Safety Standards:

Ensures that the equipment and work environments are kept clean and orderly according to established standards and norms. Ensure Personal hygiene requirements are upheld.
Consider your own and others’ health and safety when taking reasonable precautions. In compliance with the company’s policies and procedures, wear the appropriate PPE. No tampering with or abuse of any machinery intended to promote environmental, safety, or health. Maintain work locations that are risk-free and clean. Help with audit preparation

Salary: R4,000.00 – R4,521.00 per month

Education: High School (matric) (Preferred). Apply Now


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