Video of Jub Jub crying melts the hearts of many Uyajola fans

Jub jub sobs on national television. The shock value is the foundation of the show Uyajola99. It can be challenging to properly maintain objectivity when watching.

The idea behind it is that cheaters are always caught in the act. Jub Jub was surprised by the content this week.

Jub jub sobs on national television

When a woman cheats, others frequently object. Probably because men are more common than women there. But when it did, the tale that accompanied it was devastating. It was difficult to hear a grown man tell how he would watch his girlfriend leave for another man’s car or serve dinner for him.

On this episode, Jub Jub is frequently fairly caustic, yet he was moved. He started sobbing vehemently and attempted to put an end to the situation. The scenario was interesting. He truly cared about people, and it was endearing to witness.

“Jub Jub doesn’t like when it’s older people, it disturbs him too,” one person remarked. He gets emotional, and I admire him for it. #Uyajola99”


Uyajola99 was another individual who posted. That was excellent advise from Jub Jub, and I never expected him to cry.

“Jub Jub is crying because he understands the chaos, hurt, and eternal pain the deeds of a self-centered people, unleash on innocent people,” commented the final user. #Uyajola99 He was one of those self-centered, selfish persons, and his deeds permanently altered the lives of many.

Emotions are natural, yet it was unusual to see a man cry. But I’m delighted he did because it sends a message that males can cry, too—something that may strike a chord with someone out there.

Jub Jub on how ‘Uyajola 9/9’ is back and how controversy is always following him

Molemo ‘Jub Jub‘ Maarohanye, the host of Moja Love’s drama-filled reality show “Uyajola 9/9,” has already topped the list of trends since the return of the program to small screen.

Jub Jub assists viewers in catching their cheating spouses in the act on the popular show, but a City Press story claims that the singer has also engaged in adultery.

Jub Jub on how ‘Uyajola 9/9’ is back and how controversy is always following him

As his fiancée, Tumi Mthembu (35), accuses him of being disloyal, it appears that controversial TV personality Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye has been caught in his own behind-the-scenes episode of Uyajola 9/9.

The broadcaster posted a video where he appeared to address his most recent hot topic, so he must have known that his name would be appearing in the Sunday newspapers.

Jub Jub is heard in the clip making jokes about how much experience he has in the dating world and pleading with people not to undermine him because he is only trying to perform his job while he is dogged by controversy.

Jub Jub on how ‘Uyajola 9/9’ is back and how controversy is always following him

This weekend, pictures of Jub Jub and a woman who is apparently his girlfriend were also popular on social media. Jub Jub and the unidentified woman in the photos seem in love and coordinated in pink.

Jub Jub announced on social media in June that he has taken over the hosting duties of the contentious program once again.

Following the channel’s suspension due to serious abuse claims made against him on social media, he was reinstated to the show.

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