Uzalo spokesperson gives update on Nkunzi’s death

There is a possibility that the beloved character Nkunzi played by Masoja Msiza would be killed off in the upcoming episode of Uzalo.

Uzalo, a well watched program on television, can be seen on SABC 1. The dynastic families of the Mdletshes and the Xulus are explored in depth throughout the show.

The Xulus and the Mdletshes are getting closer and closer to one another, and the collision that results from their approach will set off a series of events that will ultimately lead to the disclosure of a dreadful secret.

Uzalo spokesperson gives update on Nkunzi’s death

Nkunzi was allegedly murdered in the most recent teaser for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) 1 show Uzalo, which is now running its second season. There is a possibility that the upcoming episode may see the passing of Nkunzi, a character who is quite popular with the viewers.

The most recent teaser depicts Mondli explaining that he found out that Mr. Thwala, a well-known businessman, and Nkunzi were both poisoned. Mondli continues by stating that the occurrence will leave the people of KwaMashu in a state of disbelief.

After seeing the preview, viewers of the devoted program are in a state of terror because they discovered that their favorite KwaMashu antagonist would be revealed to be dead tonight. The audience have vowed to stop watching the soap opera if Nkunzi ends up being killed off in it.

How did Nkunzi from Uzalo fare? Is he going to a new place?
Nkunzi will be away from Uzalo for a short while starting tomorrow. It has been confirmed by Nomfundo Zondi, a spokesman for the show, that he will not be leaving the program.

According to Zondi, the program has some surprising turns in store for viewers. She made the assertion that Masoja would not be leaving the program, but that his character will initiate an engaging narrative. The manner in which Nkunzi is taken down will stun spectators, and they will be intrigued to find out how he will recover from his injuries.

Nkunzi will be reported as having passed away, but when Sbu tries to take over as the new landowner, Nkunzi will make a comeback. The plan calls for this to happen. The enhanced power that Nkunzi now has will magnify the effect that his arrival will have.

Uzalo is without a doubt one of the television shows in South Africa that is cherished the most. Since 2015, the program has taken a proactive approach while maintaining an element of surprise.

Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo, also referred to by his stage name Nkunzi, has performed the lead character in the program ever since it first premiered. Through his depiction of a crafty villain, he won the hearts of a great number of people.

Nkunzi’s Annual Income and Net Worth In the year 2022, Masoja Msiza is compensated with R50,000 for playing the role of Nkunzi. He is the actor on the program who receives the second highest salary.

Uzalo spokesperson gives update on Nkunzi’s death

Msiza comes in second place after Dawn Thandeka King, who is paid around R55,0000 for playing MaNgcobo.

As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Msiza would have a net worth of around USD 400,000. Since 1992, the actor has maintained a career in the motion picture industry, which more than compensates for his income as a poet and musician.

Uzalo has paid its actor rather nicely, despite the fact that the movie had a limited budget. In the previous year, there were more than 9.88 million people who watched the show.

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