Unathi Nkayi reveals how to avoid Tokoloshe attacks 

Unathi Nkayi reveals how to avoid Tokoloshe attacks

Unathi Nkayi and Justin Toerien, who is a radio host, had an unexpected chat in which they discussed the Tokoloshe beliefs and experiences that they have had. The Tokoloshe stories are popular in the African culture, and almost everyone is sure that the Tokoloshes exist.

Although it does not happen often, there have been a few instances where they have been reported to have beaten somebody. The fact that many individuals become anxious simply at the mention of the name “Tokoloshe” demonstrates how dreaded this individual is in many of the societies found in Mzansi.

During the month of October, Justin will be the host of a program in which he will get to know celebrities by asking them provocative questions. They now get the opportunity to ask the questions that have been on their minds for a long time but for which they have never had the chance.

Because of this conversation, the Tokoloshe issue was brought up during the meeting, and Unathi went on to explain her thoughts regarding what really happened. She is so knowledgeable that she even understands the best way for people to protect themselves from the terrifying monsters.

Unathi Nkayi, a former judge on Idols South Africa, offers advice on how to protect oneself from being assaulted by a tokoloshe.

Justin had the intention of posing a question to people of African descent; however, he is under the impression that Tokoloshes do not exist. As he did so, he questioned Unathi with the story, and Unathi was able to provide numerous responses to his inquiries.

The former judge on Idols South Africa is absolutely positive that Tokoloshes do exist and can be found in the homes of other individuals. She claimed that she had heard many tales of Tokoloshes and is aware that some people had seen them despite the fact that she had not seen them herself.

Unathi explained that tokoloshes are devices used in witchcraft and that they are frightening to observe because to their brevity. She stated that Tokoloshes are mostly male individuals rather than females, and that women are superior warriors to men.

Unathi went into detail on the primary factors that lead to Africans beginning to sleep in higher areas when he was giving advice on how people might protect themselves from tokoloshes. She explained that in the days before the invention of modern mattresses, people would stack bricks and place their beds on top of them in order to make it impossible for tokoloshes to climb up.

Watch as Unathi Nkayi discusses her awareness of the Tokoloshe and how to defend yourself against their attacks.


Reality personality Somizi Mhlongo has recently suffered the loss of a close friend, and he has disclosed his emotions regarding this latest tragedy.

After Somizi verified what fans had long believed, that he and former fellow Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi are no longer friends, this week’s edition of his show, Living The Dream With Somizi, became a trending topic after Somizi made the announcement.

Because of her reaction to the multiple charges that were made against him, their friendship came to an end as a result.

In a conversation with his new close confidante, Vusi Nova, Somizi expressed his disbelief and horror, but concluded by saying, “It is what it is.”

He continued by saying that he realized it was important to have faith in others “when they show you who they are.”

While he was speaking, a post by Unathi that was made in September 2021 showed her reaction to R. Kelly’s conviction. The post was displayed on the screen.

“To all of my pals who believe that you are going to keep playing R. Kelly while I am in the room: Today, it will be over. No more empty philosophical platitudes about how you can differentiate between a genius and a monster. Today is the last day, okay…… “Unless you love being a trigger,” she stated in the description of the photo she posted on Instagram.

Even if they are being accused of the things that they are being accused of, Fresh, Euphonik, and Somizi are still your pals. The user @nico sabc4 on Instagram stated that they have “double standards.” That prompted the response from Unathi of “who said they’re my friends? You and I aren’t buddies either, by the way.

A flashback was also shown on the show, which depicted the time when he was accused of exacting revenge against a friend for the fact that he had not been given sexual favors in exchange for an appearance in public. When asked about the two occurrences, Somizi stated that being implicated in any one of them was “emotionally taxing.” [Case in point:

The show then jumps back to his first chat with Vusi Nova, during which he discussed the prospect – at the time that the show was being filmed – of having to go back to Idols South Africa and having to work alongside her.

Somizi also stated that he would not give the producers an ultimatum in the hopes of forcing them to choose between him and Unathi. He explained that he is not the type of person to “take bread away from somebody who feeds her kids and family and stuff,” and that is why he would not give them an ultimatum.

However, he also told Vusi that he would keep things professional, but that he never wants to speak to her again, and that she must never even look at him. Vusi was shocked when she heard this, but she kept her word and did not look at him.

Fans reacted to the news by pointing out that this was the third renowned friend of his that he had openly fallen out with, following in the footsteps of Bonang Matheba and TT Mbha.

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