Tshintsha Magiya heatmaker, Makhadzi is in the limelight again

After posting a photo of herself at home on social media and having other people find it, Makhadzi quickly became a source of amusement.

When you’re a celebrity, no matter what you do, people will look down their noses at it. They watch your every move in the event that they can find something negative to say about you and use it as ammunition against you. As a result of this, it is commonly believed that celebrities do not have any private or secret lives. There are some people whose sole purpose in life seems to be to spend their time trying to bring other people down by looking for the negative in everything that others do. Because of this, it is commonly believed that celebrities need to have hard hearts that are capable of withstanding various forms of hatred.

In connection with this, the well-known makhadzi went to her hometown in Venda not too long ago in order to pay her respects at a funeral. It is common knowledge that when people are at home, they don’t put any extra effort into their appearance and instead opt to dress in whatever is most comfortable for them, just as they do when they are out and about. As a consequence of this, when she woke up the next morning, the first thing she did was post an image of herself on social media drinking coffee while standing outside while holding a plastic bag of vetkoekies.

She did not try to conceal the fact that she was in the room by dressing up in elaborate clothes or staging a scene in a fake city; it was obvious that she was at ease. When she posted this picture on social media, it caused a lot of people to laugh at her because they could clearly see that her hands and feet did not match her face.

The darkness of her eyes gave the impression that she had recently undergone a facial bleaching procedure. It is common knowledge that people in today’s society bleach their skin, but even if you do so, it is difficult to change the color of your hands and feet, which is why other people might assume that she bleached her face or uses lotions designed to lighten the appearance of skin.

There are some odd people in the world who always look for something to criticize in the actions of others. Even though it is her decision to use skin lightening cosmetics, no one should make her feel guilty about her choice to do so. One of the characteristics of Makhadzi that I admire the most is how immune she is to the harmful effects of all of that poison. She is accustomed to it at this point and is unaffected by it in any way.

Recently, Makhadzi, one of the most talented artists in Limpopo, recently made the announcement that she has finally purchased a home for herself. However, before doing so, she wanted to ensure that her family members also have nice homes, so congratulations are in order for her. To be exact, three of them!

The celebrity shared a photo of herself on Twitter along with a motivational post. In the picture, she is beaming with happiness as she sits atop the counters in her brand-new kitchen, celebrating her most recent accomplishment.

Makhadzi expressed her happiness at finally being able to call her own home at the age of 25.

“I took this picture the very first time I stepped foot inside my home. She wrote that she was proud of herself because her dream had come true.

The singer of the hit “Kokovha” disclosed that her house was the fourth.

“I constructed a home for my grandmother. Due to the fact that my mother and father are no longer together, I have made the decision to construct two separate homes for them. Now I am the proud owner of my very own home! said Makhadzi.

The celebrity stated that the only reason she was able to purchase her own home was because she had first provided for her family members. She stated that her goal had always been to see her family enjoy a higher standard of living.

“My hope was that someday I would be able to look back on my life and see that my parents and my grandmother had a happier life.” God chose me to make a difference in the world not because I cared about wearing expensive clothes but because I cared more about ensuring that everyone in my family had a safe place to sleep and food on the table. “If you pray and put in a lot of effort, you can accomplish anything,” said Makhadzi.

This is not the only recent accomplishment that gives the star reason to be ecstatic about celebrating. With her album Kokovha, she was revealed to be the female artist on Apple Music who has received the most streams.

Kokovha by Makhadzi was cited by Apple Music as the most-streamed Mzansi female album in South Africa in 2021 as part of the company’s Visionary Women Campaign, which was launched to celebrate women in music and their achievements during Women’s Month.

“When I consider where I came from, it’s clear to me that this is a very positive development. I began my career working as a taxi driver without ever imagining that one day I would be at the top of the charts on Apple Music. The fact that this has happened demonstrates that God does exist and that people value both my music and myself.

“I get the impression that people fell in love with my melodies, and when I perform, I make sure to accurately portray what is going on in my songs. In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Makhadzi said, “I think that’s what makes people fall in love with my music.”

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