Tlof Tlof King: Lebo M in hot soup with ex-wife number two

Lebohang “Lebo M” Morake’s personal life continues to make headlines, and this time it’s in the United States. Morake is a bankrupt composer from South Africa (US).

The producer of “The Lion King,” who has been married seven times (twice to the same woman), is embroiled in a legal dispute with one of his former wives, Nandi Ndlovu-Goodjohn. The dispute concerns their child custody arrangement.

Ndlovu-Goodjohn, who was Morake’s second wife, and Morake were engaged in a legal struggle for the better part of a decade over the royalties from the popular stage version of The Lion King.

After Ndlovu-Goodjohn prevailed over Morake in a 10-year legal battle over royalties to The Lion King and other works last year, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ordered Morake to pay approximately R450 000 ($26 678.75) of the legal fees Ndlovu-Goodjohn incurred in legal fees. The ruling came after Ndlovu-Goodjohn defeated Morake in the case.

Since February 26, 2007, Ndlovu-GoodJohn has been owed money by her ex-boyfriend Morake. Ndlovu-legal GoodJohn’s team successfully opposed Morake’s bid in the Supreme Court of Appeal in California to review and set aside a Superior Court order that forced him to pay her the money he owed her.

It was decided that Lebo M’s ex-wife, who he wed after finalizing the divorce from his first wife, Vivica Gibson, should receive forty percent of his monthly gross profits from his employment. However, according to Sunday World, in 2017 he submitted a petition for bankruptcy in the United States.

According to the judgement handed down by the Supreme Court, “if any of the monthly payments to be made by Lebohang Morake to Nandi Ndlovu-GoodJohn are more than 30 days late, then the full agreed upon amount of the arrears of the $350,000 (R5.9 million) minus any payments that have been made will be due and payable.”

In addition, GoodJohn was scheduled to receive a monthly sum of $100,000 (R1.9 million) from Lebo M; but, as a result of his inability to pay, this sum eventually accumulated to $350,000.

In addition to that, the Superior Court ordered him to pay Ndlovu-legal GoodJohn’s fees in the sum of $10,000 each and every month.

But rather than comply with the order and pay the fine, Morake made the decision to contest it in the Supreme Court of Appeal. Because he did not make his payments on time, the amount he was owed ballooned to at least $350,000 (R5.8 million) in arrears.

On July 22 of this year, the Supreme Court heard the case, and after considering it, they ruled that his appeal was “frivolous.” It upheld the decision that he pay forty percent of the entire earnings from Lion King as well as the accrued arrears in monthly installments of six thousand dollars (or eighty nine thousand rand).

In addition to that, it included Ndlovu-Good John’s legal costs. According to the court documents that we have seen, the following sentence can be found in part: “The court awarded attorneys’ fees on appeal under 28 U.S.C. 1912 and Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 38 in favor of appellee Nandi Morake and against appellant Lebohang Morake and his counsel Michael A. Younge, jointly and severally.”

Appellant did not object to the requested amount, but the court can only award appellee fees that were actually incurred in defending the frivolous appeal and not fees that were incurred seeking sanctions. “Even though appellant did not object to the requested amount, the court can only award fees that were actually incurred in defending the frivolous appeal.

In accordance with Section 1912 of Title 28 of the United States Code and Rule 38 of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, the amount of $26,678.75 in lawyers’ fees for the appeal is awarded to the appellee Nandi Morake and levied against the appellant Lebohang Morake and his counsel. According to the documents, “appellee is entitled to $26,678.75 in fees for defending against the frivolous appeal.” This figure was calculated after the disallowances were applied.

The media personality’s most recent reported financial difficulties occurred in July 2021. At that time, he was said to owe R700 000 in unpaid rent at a multimillion-rand mansion located in Lanseria, Johannesburg.

The Sunday World attempted to gain a statement from Lebo M, who is planning to tie the knot for the eighth time, but he responded that he was uninformed of the judgement and will get in touch with his attorneys.

In response, he stated, “I will check with my lawyers to see if they are aware of such a verdict.”

Ndlovu GoodJohn reportedly expressed excitement at the ruling.

She said, “To tell you the truth, I don’t have much to say about the situation; nevertheless, I do want to encourage anyone who is on the verge of giving up to hold on to hope.”

On July 19, Lebo M attacked what he called a “angry, bitter ex” of his on several social media platforms. Although he later deleted the images, he accused his ex of initiating a “smear campaign” against him after the lady allegedly swamped his Instagram with suspicious remarks.

On the other hand, he disclosed on the episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG and Sol Phenduka that aired on July 21 that the “angry, bitter ex” is Nandi Ndlovu-GoodJohn.

Lebo M has asserted that she is the person responsible for the unfavorable reports that have been published about him, along with a journalist by the name of Theo. According to him, the goal is to constantly disrupt the excellent work that he is doing by portraying him as a villain or a serial spouse.

To provide further clarification, he stated that all began in 2003, when their son Thembalethu passed away at the age of barely 14 months.

“In 2006, I then found out that my son had been murdered, and when I brought in investigators, she fought the investigation because she had basically been negligent,” I said. “I brought in investigators because she was basically negligent.”

“She left my 14-month-old son with a girl she had just hired and went to party with her lover… she was in a relationship with a female that worked for me and I didn’t know about it.” “She left my baby with a girl she had just hired and went to party with her lover.” During that time, Londiwe was her lover. As a result, that becomes the driving force,” he elaborated.

He went on to explain that Nandi had spent ten minutes conducting an interview with their kid’s nanny on the previous Sunday, that the nanny had started working on Monday, and that their son had passed away on Friday of the same week. He claimed at the time that he was traveling outside of the nation.

In addition, he denied the rumors that his son had died from drowning in a swimming pool, stating instead that his kid had been killed. However, Lebo M claims that Nandi has been fighting him (even in court) about the death of their son because she does not want to accept the negligent role she played in his passing. He claims that this is why she has been fighting him.

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