Thingo’s touching prayer about her late father Senzo Meyiwa 

Thingo Khumalo talked about how sad she was that her father, Senzo Meyiwa, wasn’t around in the most recent episode of Life With Kelly.

Kelly Khumalo heard Thingo praying about her father, so she asked her about it. “So you were praying with your friends and you said something about your dad,” she told Thingo.

Kelly has already told the camera that she doesn’t like the fact that her daughter Thingo doesn’t have a father. “I can never be okay with the fact that my daughter doesn’t have a father. I find out more about her, and my heart just sinks.”

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She then tells her daughters, “It’s okay if you miss him too. So, however does one feel?”

Thingo said, “That’s sad, because he’s not here.”

Senzo Meyiwa died in what is thought to have been a clumsy theft in Kelly’s aim Vosloorus, which was a gift from her family and friends.

She then said that she, too, wished he was there with them, but God had other plans. “We all would have liked him to be here, but God needed him more than anyone else,” she said. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t watch over us… you in particular. No matter where you go, your dad is there with you. you know that’s true, right? Even in class,” she told Thingo before.

Kelly Khumalo’s daughter Thingo’s prayer about her late father, Senzo Meyiwa, is very touching.

Kelly went on to say that even though Senzo is not with them physically, he is still in their hearts. “It’s sad to hear a little girl pray about her dead father, but it’s also comforting because we’re now at a point where we can see male parent. “Knowing well that male parent is no longer with us, but we all know he’s still in our hearts,” she said.

In the last episode, Kelly said that the country kept her from being able to say goodbye to Senzo Meyiwa. “One of these days, the noise will stop, and I’ll feel like I might need to take some time to grieve. I haven’t had that chance since Senzo died.” “The court of public opinion took that away from me, and they forgot that I’m also a person with feelings,” she said.

“But you can’t really believe that documentary. remember that they knocked on our door and we said no, and that we had to get our lawyer, Magdalene, involved? You remember that they interviewed me under false pretenses and told me it was for a show in the UK,” she said.

Advocate Teffo then said that Kelly was the one who shot Senzo Meyiwa. Kelly had to pull Advocate Teffo for saying that she was the one who shot Senzo Meyiwa.

“This is very upsetting. worries me a lot. This African country has been through so many different things. how desperate would someone have to be to put ME in jail for something I didn’t do? My point is that that Advocate needs attention so badly.”

“He knows that whenever he says my name, he gets attention. “My lord, Kelly Khumalo,” he says every time he gets up. Argue. send in your entries. “We’re here to find out what really happened to my daughter’s father,” said an emotional Kelly.

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