There is a message for the ladies, and that is that Gogo Maweni wants them to do this.

Gogo Maweni has quite a lot to say about the things that males do wrong, and she has no problem letting women know what she thinks of them. Because of this, she has made the decision to provide some guidance to women today.

That is terrible that some people now refer to Gogo Maweni as a witchdoctor since a lot of people are aware of what she does for a livelihood and it is one of the things that people know about her.

It is possible to claim that this is the case as a result of the videos that she creates; now, there is a video that is going viral on various social media platforms. In the video, the Sangoma is giving advice to ladies on how they should react when men treat them poorly and discussing women who have been mistreated by males.

According to what Gogo Maweni said, a woman should keep having sexual relations with a man who is mistreating her even if she is doing so while also using a condom. She should do this even if the man is physically abusing her.

The woman is then instructed to take the condom that she and the man used and bring it to Gogo Maweni. The Sangoma will then aid the woman in getting revenge on the man by acting as she should.

Gogo Maweni said that she has the ability to ensure that the individual suffers a complete and utter loss of fortune and that every aspect of his life is thrown into disarray.

After seeing the video, there were comments, and a lot of people could not believe that she would ever do such a thing. It gives the impression that she is completely oblivious to how cruel she can be.

People made it quite apparent that they were not going to agree with what she was saying since women who are in relationships in which they are treated cruelly always have the option to leave, at the very least for their own benefit.

And going to a Sangoma is not even necessary to destroy someone’s life; the impact of something like this is permanent, and there is no way that a person’s life can return to normal after experiencing something like that.

On the other hand, the fact of the matter is that there are some girls who would think of coming to Gogo Maweni and taking the chance of having to live with the repercussions, regardless of what those consequences may be.

One may argue that this is the most dangerous part of the situation, and the best thing that one can do is to move on and let life take its course.

People have also mentioned that Gogo Maweni could advise women to do something that will advance their lives rather than something that will put their lives in danger, and it would be interesting to know what her reasoning was when she made the video because of this. It would be interesting to know what her reasoning was when she made the video.

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