The fact that they are no longer engaged is confirmed by Naak musiq’s fiancee when she says, “I am no longer engaged to Anga.”

Anga Makubalo, better known by his stage name Naak musiq, recently announced his engagement to Robyn Leigh, a dietician and nutritionist. Robyn made the announcement on her Instagram stories, where she also disclosed that she and Naak Musiq are no longer engaged. She stated that she is moving into a new season while simultaneously moving out of the previous one.

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Fans on Twitter, on the other hand, have theorized that the reason they are no longer engaged is because they are probably already married. People speculated that they must have moved on to married life. People had the impression that this message was deliberately vague because it stated that she was moving into a new season.

Robyn also mentioned that she was having the worst day ever on her tik-tok page, and she received flowers. One of her supporters left a remark on her page and told her that they are upset about the fact that she and Anga are no longer together. After hearing this, Robyn gave a polite response and thanked the person. Naak Musiq has not commented on the reported split and has chosen to maintain their silence.

Biography of Naak MusiQ: Age, Profession, Wealth, Cars, and Soviet Denim

With that captivating smile of his and that gorgeous tattoo on his ripped arm, it would be impossible for anyone not to notice him. Not only is he a talented singer, but he is also an accomplished actor. How could we ever forget the times that he appeared on our television screens in the soap opera “Generations”? The tale of Naak MusiQ’s life, including his rise to stardom and everything else, is detailed in his biography (age, career, net worth, cars and more.) Let us plunge in!!

An Overview of Naak MusiQ’s Biography and Profile

Birth Name: Anga Makubalo

New Brighton and Port Elizabeth were both the locations of the birth.

Birthday: 28 May 1987

Age at present: 33 years old as of the year 2020

Actor, Singer, Host, and Model are some of the Professions She Holds.

Labels: ‘Anga’ shoe and NaakMusiQ .

Social Media handles: Instagram: @iamnaakmusiq

Facebook: @NaakMusiQ

Twitter: @NaakMusiQ

Early years of the career of Naak MusiQ

The amiable Anga is the child of Nomvula (who is his mother) and Musi Qaqambile (who is his father). He also has two siblings named Asanda (who is his sister) and Khanyiso (brother). In 2003, he enrolls at Edenvale High school after being awarded a sports bursary due to the fact that he was a sports expert. He was active in sports such as soccer, rugby, track and field, and cricket. When Anga was a young boy, he enrolled in classes at Talent International to hone his presenting and acting skills. As a result, his talent was developed at an early age. Do you ever find yourself wondering why his music is so infectious? In order to get himself ready to make a name for himself in the contemporary music scene, Anga enrolled in contemporary music classes at Damelin and Bramley.

How did Naak MusiQ get his start in the music industry?

Because of his role as MJ on Generations and also because of his music, everyone adores him. When Rokker Rogers facilitates Naakmusiq’s signing to Baainar Records, he gives Naakmusiq a warm introduction to the music industry. As the first vocalist to join with this company, he was responsible for the release of many successful songs, including Ndiyindoda, Move, Ntombi Ethandwayo, Crazy, and Qina, to name just a few. In 2015, he became a member of DJ Tira’s Afrotainment, and the following year, he released an album titled “Born to Entertain.”

The Beginnings of Naak MusiQ’s Acting Career

Anga’s first acting audition was for a role on SABC 1 that required him to speak Tswana; however, he did not fare well in the audition because he was not proficient in the language. His next acting gig was on the soap opera Generations, where he displayed his dexterity and made everyone fall in love with him. Here, he made everyone fall in love with him.

Which performing parts has he previously taken on during his career?

MJ Memela, son of Mawande, on the SABC 1 Generations soap opera as a character (2011).
Ntando Mabatha starred in the first three seasons of the Z’bondiwe eTV series (2015).
Alongside Mbali Nkosi, I will be hosting All Access Mzansi Season 10 this year (2015).
Chulu in the first season of Broken Vows.
Come Duze Season 13 will be aired under the name Naakmusiq.
Igazi Season 1 & 2 as Bantu.
Isidingo Season 1 as Obakeng.
The second season of Isithembiso as Lucky.
Season 2 of Ring of Lies starring Buzwe.
The fifth season of the MTV Africa Music Awards, formerly known as Naakmusiq.
This is the tenth season of the South African Film and Television Awards, hosted by Anga Makubalo.
The 23rd season of the South African Music Awards, also known as Naakmusiq. Zaziwa Season 1 as Naakmusiq.

Who is Naak MusiQ’s Girlfriend?

His romantic life is a closely guarded secret, but he was unable to shield his beautiful daughter from the public eye. The relationship between Anga and her gorgeous kid, who is the product of a former relationship, is quite strong. However, just recently, a photo appeared in our social media feeds, and it caused everyone to ponder what it could possibly be. Nandi Mbatha, an actress, recently uploaded a picture of herself cuddling up to a heavily tattooed man. Even if they were both disguised, we would still be able to tell who the person with the leg tattoo is. Did someone just let the secret out of the bag?

Things about Naak MusiQ that we were unaware of before today

His “Anga” name signifies Wish

At Potential International, where he worked as a part-time tutor, he was responsible for coaching and mentoring budding talent.
The names of his family members were used to create the acronym that he uses as his stage name, Naak MusiQ.
Anga was voted one of the top six sexiest people in Sowetan Mzanzi in the year 2013.
In the year 2020, he introduced a shoe called the “Anga Shoe.”

What is the total amount of money that Naak MusiQ has?

Naak MusiQ has an estimated net worth of roughly R1.9 million, which he has amassed from the money he has made from acting jobs, the sales of his music, the views on his YouTube channel, and endorsement deals.

Naak MusiQ endorsement deal

It would appear that the international denim trademark “Soviet” was impressed by the work ethics of Naak MusiQ, as they have made an offer to prolong the star’s contract through the year 2020. When I sign with Soviet for a second time, it will be my second term as a member of a pretty tight-knit family, so naturally, I’m really excited about it. This is not merely a partnership between two different brands in any way. “The work ethic at Soviet Denim is fantastic, but just the general love that everyone has for each other is what really gets me going,” comments Naak MusiQ. “The love that everyone has for each other is what really makes me want to work.”

What kind of cars does Naak MusiQ drive?

The well-known artist has a taste for wheels that straddles the line between old school and new school. His excellent choice in automobiles is demonstrated by the presence of a Porsche and a BMW MX6, which is a classic version of the 3 Series. Recently, Naak MusiQ has been seen driving around in a BMW M4, which is undeniably a sight for sore eyes. This comes shortly after he added an Audi R8 sports car to his collection of vehicles.

Where exactly does Anga call home?

Despite the fact that Naak MusiQ is just 33 years old, he is already competing with the biggest fish in the industry thanks to the success of his career. Recently, he invested in a ritzy home in DJ Tira’s neighborhood, Willowbrook Estate, and purchased it for himself. Would you mind taking a look at it:

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