The actress from “The Queen” has suffered a double setback after losing her job and her baby-daddy.

Sibusisiwe Jili, who stars as Georgina in the action-packed soap that airs on Mzansi Magic throughout the middle of the week, has been hit by lightning not once but twice.

After two years on the show, Jili’s character has been put on ice, and she and Tshepo Tsele, the man she was engaged to and who is the father of her child, have broken up.


Two people who are close to the trouper were the ones who broke the silence on the couple’s breakup, which had been a closely guarded secret. The mole, who did not want to be named for fear of retribution, stated that Jili dumped Tsele after complaining that he was hiding certain crucial information about his private life and business endeavors. The mole did not want to be named.

The informant further shared that Jili expressed frustration because Tsele had given her misleading information regarding his credentials. “He was making up a lot of things, but I can’t get into details because of confidentiality reasons. According to the source, “he was spreading false information about him, including his credentials and his company.”


Another person with a deep voice added that one of the things that got on Jili’s nerves was the behavior of those who were close to her baby-daddy and who withheld the truth from her. “She had a deeper sense of betrayal.”

The thespian has been fired from her employment and has relocated back to her hometown in KwaZulu-Natal, thus adding insult to injury. According to the source, once Jili was fired from her work on The Queen, she returned back to her hometown of Pietermaritzburg in order to collect her thoughts and gain some perspective.

When pressed for more information, Jili requested to be left alone and stated that the relationship had ended while also stating that she had returned home.

“Could you please leave me alone, yeah, I am back at my house for the time being, and why don’t you ask all of these things to your sources? She said this before hanging up the phone: “I am emotionally drained.”

The 13th of January 2023 will be the final episode of the telenovela that has been produced by the wealthy entrepreneur Connie Ferguson.
The show was canceled by Mzansi Magic in March after it was renewed for a seventh and final season of The Queen. However, the seventh season of The Queen will be significantly shorter than the usual 260 episodes that are ordered for a season. The debut of the seventh season took place in July.
Tsele did not respond to numerous phone calls and text messages, thus attempts to gain a statement from him were fruitless.

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