Thabo ‘Tbose’ dies 

He was simultaneously working on his solo project, running a prosperous hair business, and getting ready to play at the biggest Kwaito event of the year, which was scheduled to take place in October.

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He was one of the two people still alive in the Alaska kwaito group, but there is now just one person still alive in the group.

Thabo “Crazy T” Tsotetsi, a musician and a member of the Alaska Kwaito ensemble, has passed away.

Family, friends, and fans alike have voiced their disbelief at the news of the celebrity’s passing.

Crazy T, who was from Meadowlands, Soweto, passed away on Sunday morning while he was being treated at Bheki Mlangeni Hospital in Jabulani, Soweto, according to his coworker Siphiwe “Picat” Sibeko and his longtime friend Puleng Mokoena. This information was confirmed to Drum by both individuals.

Thabo ‘Tbose’ dies 

Puleng claims that she was talking to Thabo before he went to the hospital, and that he was moaning about having the illness during their conversation. Someone else answered the phone when she was checking up on him, and they relayed the information that Thabo is not in a good condition to her.

“When I went to his salon to get my hair done, that’s when I realized he’s not doing well,” she said. “I went to his salon to get my hair done.” I told him to go to the hospital, but he was stubborn and told me that he believes in taking herbs.

However, he eventually went to the hospital on Tuesday of last week, and he was admitted. He told me he is not feeling well, and I suspected that he is coming down with the flu. I told him to go to the hospital, but he was stubborn and told me that he believes in taking herbs. We carried on with our conversation, and he continued to react. “I grew concerned when I contacted him and he didn’t respond,” Puleng adds while fighting back tears as she tries in vain to keep them from falling.

“On Saturday when I called somebody else answered his phone, my body got cold, and the person told me that Thabo is not in good condition, and then I began to get worried,” she says. “On Sunday when I called somebody else answered his phone, my body got hot.”

“When I woke up on Sunday morning, I heard the news that Thabo had passed away, and now nothing makes sense because he was such an upbeat person who was always effervescent and did everything with all of his heart. Now nothing makes sense.”

My last interaction with him was when he was cutting my hair, and now I’m just waiting for everything to make sense. My last moment with him was when he was cutting my hair. “I don’t have much to say about the situation other than to reflect on the wonderful times we shared together and offer my support to his family as they go through this challenging time,” she writes.

Puleng says that she met Thabo through his cousin, the Grammy-winning producer Mandla ‘Spikiri’ Mofokeng, and that the two of them developed a strong friendship. She describes Mofokeng as “a humble and down to earth person who loved music and dancing and wanted to inspire young kids from Meadowlands,” and she explains that this was part of the reason why he didn’t move out of the township because he wanted to be a good role model for the children there

LuckyMlakana, Thabo Tsotetsi, Les Ma-ada, Andrew Moloisane, and Sphiwe Picat were the original five members of Alaska. Sphiwe Picat later joined the band.

Only Siphiwe is remaining at this point. The band achieved widespread recognition thanks, among other things, to the widespread success of their songs “Alaska” and “Accuse.”

Oskido, the explorer who is credited with discovering Alaska, also owned the Kalawa Jazmee Records, which included Thabo. On their social media page, the record label shared a statement that confirmed the musician had passed away.

The following is what the announcement says: “It is with heavy hearts that we confirm the passing of Thabo Tshabalala, a founding member of Alaska. Your impact on the field of music will be felt for generations to come; you have paved the way, and now we will follow in your footsteps.

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