Tebogo Thobejane  responds to the allegations that she slept with the president

Even though Tebogo Thobejane and Inno Morolong have made up in public shortly after having one of the most vicious fights on social media, something always finds a way to come up again and cause tension between the two of them.

Inno Morolong is constantly getting into fights with celebrities and has exposed the dirty laundry of a number of well-known socialites on her page. Tebogo Thobejane has decided that enough is enough, and she has chosen the path of legal action in order to get Inno to apologize for what she said about her.

Tebogo Thobejane has filed a lawsuit against Inno for R500,000 in damages.

Following Thobejane’s allegations that Inno Morolong was a sex worker who had an affair with a president, Thobejane has filed a lawsuit against Inno Morolong for R500,000 in damages.

Tebogo Thobejane  responds to the allegations that she slept with the president

During a fight that she was having with Tebogo in March, Inno went on Instagram and revealed to the world that she sleeps with multiple men and makes money off of her body in various ways. Morolong further asserted that Tebogo had a sexual encounter with the head of state of a nation that she did not name.

Tebogo warns Inno that if she does not take action, some people may begin to believe the lies that she spreads and that her statements are defamatory. Tebogo says that Inno is spreading false information.

Tebogo Thobejane  responds to the allegations that she slept with the president

Because of this, Thobejane asked Inno’s lawyers to demand that she delete her posts and apologize to Tebogo, but Inno declined to do either of these things. Morolong went as far as questioning why she should apologize for telling the truth in a post that she made on her page.

Despite the best efforts of his friends, Inno Morolong will not apologize.

Through the use of WhatsApp, a number of their mutual friends requested that she retract her statements and apologize to Tebogo. It is said that Inno laughed at them and steadfastly refused to apologize for his behavior toward them.

After exhausting all other avenues to try and talk peacefully, the actress from Ayeye Stripped resorted to the legal system in an effort to be compensated for the defamatory claims. if one were to believe Sunday World. Inno will not communicate with Tebogo, and she is prepared to take him or her to court over the issues at hand.

Both of these ladies are well-known hosts in the entertainment industry, and they have been raking in a fortune as a result of their work in clubs. The previous year marked a turning point for Inno when it was announced that she would be joining the cast of Diamond and Dolls, a reality show that airs on Showmax.

Tebogo Thobejane has also tried her hand at acting, and she has a number of roles under her belt at this point. She was a member of Muvhango for some time, after which she became a member of Diepcity, all of which came before landing her current lead role as Tsholo in Ayeye Stripped. She is also a successful businesswoman who operates a podcast that encourages female empowerment in the entertainment industry and owns a strip club.

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