“Skeem Saam”: Why it’s possible that Khwezi’s kid is not Lehasa’s baby

The audience has not seen Skeem Saam’s Khwezi in quite some time, but when they did, her baby belly appeared to have grown… Due to the fact that she was pregnant, a few of people speculated that perhaps she was not actually carrying Lehasa’s child after all.

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The pregnant Khwezi that appeared on the episode of the educational soap opera Skeem Saam that aired on Wednesday, September 7, did not make viewers of the show very happy since she is threatening to break up the couple that viewers’ like, Pretty (Lerato Marabe) and Lehasa. It would appear that Khwezi and the child she is carrying are the only things standing in the way of PreHasa getting together.

In the episode that aired last night, Khwezi paid a visit to her uncle and aunt, who were excited to see her but not overly so.

It was revealed that she is a qualified nurse and not a journalist as she revealed in a previous episode with her “baby daddy” Lehasa. This came as a surprise to the audience (Cedric Fourie).

This discovery may also imply that Khwezi planned her pregnancy, as well as her connection with Lehasa, and that she may have faked the paternity tests in order to maintain her relationship with him.

Some people speculate that she is only pretending to be pregnant with Lehasa because she does not like her true baby daddy and because she wants Pretty to suffer as much as possible.

It didn’t take long for her to develop feelings for Lehasa, but their connection was so forced that it makes perfect sense for her to play a trick on him.

She also persisted in asking about her ex-boyfriend Judge Mavimbela, who was also the father of Nothile (Mbali Mavimbela), and whether or not he could be the father of her child.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Khwezi From Skeem Saam

Actress Samukele Mkhize, who played the naive Mabuyi in Isibaya and Khwezi in Skeem Saam, is well remembered for her roles in both shows.

It is rumored that the actress is already in her early 30s at this point in time.

Due to the fact that her plotline is currently in the spotlight on Skeem Saam, she is currently enjoying day after day of popularity for the role she plays on the show.

Read more about Moshe’s thoughts on the funeral of his pet at this link: “I Don’t See Anything Wrong.”

Khwezi made a murder attempt on her fiancé, Lehasa, after she discovered him in bed with her former partner, Pretty. Unfortunately for Lehasa, he managed to live, and he is currently engaged in a battle for his life at a medical facility.

The police intervened in time to prevent her from doing any harm on Pretty; however, she has placed all of the responsibility on Pretty and is making it appear as though she intended to kill Pretty as well as Lehasa.

Samukele spent his childhood in a little community in KwaZuluNatal known as Maphophoma. She was raised in the church and was highly involved there because both of her grandparents were ministers.

She Is a Working Singer in the Industry.

The actress also has a strong singing voice and has performed professionally in the theater. She was a member of a local music group in her hometown in the year 2006.

There are videos of her singing on the internet, and she has a very beautiful voice. These videos can be found on her social media platforms.

Even older than that, from the year 2017, there is a music video in which she is featured.

Terry Pheto, who has won multiple awards, has a number of admirers, including the actress. Back a few years ago, she was finally able to meet her, and here is what she had to say about the encounter:

I was recently afforded the opportunity to meet and speak with her, which was both a pleasure and an honor. I recall introducing myself to her, and her response was “I know you,,, I enjoy watching you.” Those words still reverberate inside of me, and I have to say that I adore and completely appreciate her for her work, in addition to everything else she does.

Celia Magongwa Dumps Skeem Saam

It was revealed the previous weeks that Shoki Mmola has parted ways with Skeem Saam.

“Shoki’s fellow cast members, staff members, and spectators watching from home will miss her dearly. It was confirmed that they were sending her positive vibes and wishing her the best of luck for the future.

Additionally, the actress confirmed this on her various social media platforms. She thanked everyone who has supported her in the last 28 years.

As I prepare to leave SKEEMSAAM, I would want to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported my work throughout my 28 years in this industry… And 10yrs of Skeem Saam… … THIS WAY: to the telling of other stories.

An actor from Skeem Saam has been accused of fraud.

After being accused of being involved in a cryptocurrency scam, Sebasa Mogale has released an official statement in response to the allegations.

Sebasa adds that he has never forced anyone to join up during one of his talks, and that he has instead encouraged everyone to conduct their own investigation.

“Before making the choice to become a network marketer, I gave myself the responsibility of conducting my own research and giving it the attention it deserved. Throughout the entirety of my presentation, I never forced or compelled anyone to sign up. Because I am aware that not everyone is familiar with the cryptocurrency industry, I would like to encourage everyone to conduct their own research. In point of fact, I would encourage everyone to do their own research.

“I do not operate a cryptocurrency mining or trading company, nor have I ever claimed to be an expert on cryptocurrencies, nor have I ever promised anyone guaranteed profits on their involvement in the business,” the statement reads.

In addition, he states that anyone who has “registered up for his business has full access to their account, which displays clear terms and conditions that specify, amongst other considerations, that earnings are not guaranteed.”

According to the complaint, in March of 2020, Carte Blanch sent an email to Mogale inquiring about the “false claims made against him.” Mogale received this email, according to the statement. It is also mentioned in that he replied to the email with all of the data and clarifications that are mentioned in this statement.

What the actor has to say “All of the people who were brought into the company by him have been able to contact him, and he continues to make himself available to them.

“The last couple of weeks have been difficult for me and my family as a result of false accusations that have been leveled against me on public platforms, and I reserve my right to take legal action against any parties who injured my good name and reputation,” he said. “The past couple of weeks have been tough for me and my family as there have been false accusations leveled against me on public platforms.”

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