Sh0cking: The Queen actor Nimrod Nkosi’s side hustle surprises fans

Nimrod Nkosi, a seasoned TV presenter in South Africa and an actor on The Queen, has been catching heat on social media ever since he opened out about his side hustle, which involves selling things out of his boot that keep Mzansi women’s puna.nis sound and in excellent order.

Sanitary pads are the only item related to punani that Nimrod offers, and the people in the community are not impressed. After hearing about the business effort, many users of social media have criticized the former Jam Alley presenter for selling pads rather than donating them to mothers and young girls who are unable to buy the product that is so desperately needed.

After the COVID-19 epidemic struck South Africa and had a terrible influence on the livelihoods of millions of people, Nimrod revealed before how he started the side hustle as a way to supplement his income.

The former presenter of Jam Alley revealed that his experience during the COVID-19 pandemic taught him that he shouldn’t rely on just one source of income. He stated that celebrities should have multiple sources of income so that they will not have to struggle when times are difficult. It was reported that Nimrod Nkosi said:

After COVID-19 caused many people to take wage cutbacks and be forced to find alternative kinds of money, Nimrod disclosed in an interview with The Star that he had to turn to selling intimate feminine goods in order to make ends meet.

“Covid took us off guard, and as a result, it demonstrated to us the need of constantly having access to planning and saving. According to what Nimrod shared with the publication, some of his colleagues in the industry are in the real estate business. “We are now realizing that we can bring more income into our streams,”

“After the COVID-19 pandemic rocked Mzansi and the rest of the world, I discovered a newfound enthusiasm for the business sector. Since the Covid-19 lockout left many people working in the entertainment industry without income, he continued, I no longer rely on just one source of revenue.

Nkosi mentioned that he also gives talks for women’s groups, during which he sells these pads to the attendees. He explained that in order to market to women, he needed to have an understanding of both the product and the way the female body works.

“As a man, it has been an eye-opening experience for me to comprehend how the female body functions and to be able to relate to women on a deeper level by having a better grasp of their anatomy. According to Nkosi, “I look at it as a business, and this is one of the items that I sell.”

Nimrod Nkosi, who is a presenter for the Moja Love show “AmaBishop,” is also a Longrich Network Marketing distributor, and he decided to add another side hustle in order to earn additional cash. Nimrod Nkosi has a career in the entertainment industry, and he is also a Longrich Network Marketing distributor. He is currently engaged in the business of selling sanitary pads out of the trunk of his automobile.

Nimrod Nkosi’s sanitary pads side hustle company gets Mzansi talking

However, his new side job has caused many people to question whether or not he should have opted for a more legitimate line of work instead of starting his own business selling sanitary pads. Mzansi believes that rather than selling sanitary pads, he should have picked a more profitable side business.

Users on social media are not happy with Nimrod’s new side venture, and many are unable to disguise their dissatisfaction with it. His devoted followers even saw parallels between him and the actor Clement Maosa, who played Skeem Saam and gave sanitary pads to high school students in Limpopo. The following are some remarks made on Twitter:

The user @MrSoWhat31 made the following observation: “He picked the wrong things to sell; he shouldn’t be that selfish. Sanitary pads ought to be provided at no cost.

According to @mheidtman, you “should give them rather than sell them!”

“Bathong, his a Longrich distributor, what he’s doing there is called network marketing, and many people can still join the product-based company or companies and sell to get more revenue,” said @ngwanawamotho. Perform the necessary research before submitting reports of this nature.

@MaxwellKamte added, “The most vulnerable children in our society need them in schools; he need to donate instead!”

Fans of Nimrod were concerned when they heard that he was now selling pads, but they were also relieved to hear that he is not asking for money and is, instead, working for it.

People on social media have criticized Nimrod for choosing to literally make money off of products that are intended for women’s punanis, despite the fact that he insists that he is serious about his business and has even spent some time studying the female anatomy and the needs it presents. Nimrod has even taken the time to study the female anatomy.

According to a number of tweets, the presenter ought to be giving money to communities that are struggling rather than keeping it for themselves.

Meryl Kriel suggested that rather than selling them, they should be donated.

Mr. Sowhat penned in his letter, “He picked the incorrect things to sell; he shouldn’t be so selfish. Sanitary pads ought to be provided at no cost.

His choice has been supported by others, and he has been praised for recognizing a need in the market and filling it in an effective manner.

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