See list of Uzalo performers who, in real life, are worth millions of dollars 

A look at the actors on Uzalo who, in real life, have million dollar fortunes. Uzalo is one of the most watched television soap operas in Mzansi, and the show has been successful in recruiting first-rate actors to fill roles in the cast.

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Because Uzalo is such a successful soap opera, the showrunners are providing their cast members with lucrative wages. On the other hand, several actors have become millionaires in real life thanks to their success in commercial enterprises unrelated to acting. Let’s take a look at the wealthiest actors working in Uzalo in 2022.

Masoja Msiza as Nkunzi

Msiza portrays the evil and merciless crime boss Nkunzi on the television show Uzalo Masoja. Nkunzi is a well-known businessman off-screen as well. He owns a string of establishments in and around the KwaMashu community, including restaurants, garages, and salons. Msiza is a successful businessman with a net worth that is expected to reach R20 million by the year 2022. His business acumen skills are transferred from his off-screen life into his real life.

Masoja Msiza is a sequential entrepreneur who has business interests in cinema and drama production, farming, and mining in addition to the R85,000 income that he takes home each month.

Together with the KKC church, the persona of MaMlambo, who serves as the spiritual guidance and seer of KwaMashu, shines a ray of hope and sanity on the impoverished community.

MaMlambo is a highly respected member of the community who, as a result of her generous nature, frequently finds herself in legal trouble. She is a spiritual practitioner who adheres to more traditional forms of spirituality.

She is currently receiving a salary of R75,000 per month for her job on Uzalo; nevertheless, she has also engaged in other business dealings in order to demonstrate her financial prowess. In addition to having a net worth of R16 million, Gugu is the founder of Ngunikazi Interiors. If she is successful in growing her company, her wealth could potentially increase.

Uzalo performers who, in real life, are worth millions of dollars

Sibonelo portrayed by Wiseman Mncube

On social media, there is speculation that the Wiseman Mncube broke up with Uzalo in order to pursue other acting opportunities in the entertainment industry. According to the rumours, this decision was made. The actor recently landed a role on The Wife, taking over for Bonko Khoza in the role of Mqhele, so it’s possible that the rumors are real.

On the other hand, Wiseman portrayed Sibonelo on Uzalo, who was the son of the villainous Nkunzi. He worked as a doctor for Uzalo, but because of the Mhlongo blood that ran through his veins, he eventually developed the ruthless and shrewd nature of his father.

In addition to his acting career, the actor also oversees a booming business enterprise that generates a net income of R15 million. Wiseman has been the most successful person in 2022 thanks to the fact that he bought a house worth R3.1 million and R1.3 million in the same month.

Noxolo Mathula as Lily

On the show Uzalo, the character of Lily is a police officer who deals with issues related to the safety of the KwaMashu community and works to prevent anti-social behavior. As a result of her work on Uzalo, Noxolo gets compensated with a monthly wage of R34 000.

After shelling out R1.8 million to purchase a home in the year 2020, she became the talk of the media. After spending R1 million on a Hyundai Palisade car for herself, she quickly became the topic of conversation in the neighborhood. As of the year 2022, her net worth is approximately R6.8 million.

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