RipLumkoJohnson: Former YoTV presenter has died

Lumko Johnson is going to be remembered as a legendary producer in the world of radio and television, with the vast majority of people having nothing but complimentary things to say about them.

The untimely and unexpected deaths of a number of well-known entertainers have left most of their fans in disbelief, including the superstars themselves. However, they will be remembered throughout history as a caring person that got along well with everyone they encountered along the road in the course of their life journey.

In order to inform their followers that they had passed away, the Johnson family issued a press release statement that was shared on Lumko Johnson’s various social media platforms. They passed away on September 14, 2022, although the circumstances surrounding their passing are not yet known to the general public.

RipLumkoJohnson: Former YoTV presenter has died

The family will informed the nation in due time about the specifics of all of the funeral and memorial arrangements that they have made. They urged the public to give them privacy while they dealt with their tragedy and asked the media to respect their request.

The news astonished everyone in Celebville.

Many famous people have expressed their sadness and sorrow at the news of Lumko’s passing in the comments section of the article. Some people spoke about their interactions with them as well as their outgoing personalities, claiming that they were lovely human beings.

Phil Mpela, a reporter for an entertainment news outlet, went one step further and said that no one would claim to have had a problem with Lumko because they were courteous to everyone that they met along the road. Some people have the impression that they were cheated out of life at an early age because they did not become ill.

Lumko Johnson became famous after presenting on the children’s show Yotv, which is broadcast on SABC 1, and they remained active in the industry until the day they passed away. They developed a successful career as a producer in the television industry as well as in the radio sector.

In addition to that, their duties included contributing in some way to the writing department. They also worked as actors, appearing in a number of drama series such as iNkaba, Mzansi Love, Kowethu, Unmarried, and many others in various roles. They were a well-known and respected member of the LGBTQIA+ community as well as the fashion industry. The loss that each of these towns has sustained is significant.

Lumko Johnson is one of the many famous people that has passed away unexpectedly in the world of celebville. Mncedisi Shabangu, Ricky Rick, and Busi Lurayi are among the individuals included on this list. They had a distinguished career working behind the scenes in the entertainment world, and this will ensure that they are remembered for all time. This is in addition to all of the people whose hearts they have touched in their 32 years of life.

The statement stated, “It is with great regret that we announce the news of the unexpected demise of our beloved Lumko “Johnson” Leqela,” and it continued, “We will miss him dearly.”

They left on September 14th, 2022, which was the year 2022. Lumko made his debut in front of the public eye for the very first time as a young teenager on the well-known SABC 1 YoTV platform.

They eventually established themselves as professionals in the fields of radio production, television broadcasting, and the media in general. According to the people who knew him well, Lumko was a “accomplished TV and radio super producer, actor, and writer who was also a huge deal in most spaces.”

“This is a gut-wrenching loss for the Leqela family, their loved ones, the LGBTQIA+ community, and ultimately for the South African broadcast and television community,” the author writes.

The statement released by the family indicates that Leqela’s life was one that was rich in honesty and purpose.

Let us remember the light that they brought into the world as a community as we come to terms with this tragedy.

The singer, who was born in Mthatha, made a public declaration on their social media platforms in April revealing their transition into a female identity and their new life as a transgender woman.

“I’m at an exciting crossroads in my life right now, and I really wish it had arrived sooner. They added, “The development of one’s identity is something that can never take place in private because it always takes place in front of an audience.”

“I’m here to share that in the last few months I have been quietly reshaping my gender identity, with the assistance of therapy and hormonal treatment,” she said. “I’m here to share that I am currently identifying as female.” I haven’t told my family and close friends about this because I want them to be prepared for whatever the probable outcome could be.

Leqela further clarified that the appropriate pronouns for their group are to be kept as “they or them” until the public is informed otherwise.

“From this point on, you are not permitted to refer to me as a he or his. I’d also like to add that anyone who is questioning binaries, transitioning, or questioning their gender identity should know that fear is acceptable, but disrespect is not.

“Find your strength and don’t forget to re-do your mascara after every toilet cubicle breakdown as you feel like you’ve disappointed the “mommy’s little boy” cliche,” the author advises.

During his time as a student at the high school where he was also professionally involved in children’s theater and musicals, Leqela earned the rank of black belt in karate.

They went on to earn a degree in Drama and Film from Wits University, where they were also active members of the university radio station and eventually had their own weekday morning program.

They are a trained William Shakespeare facilitator, having received their training from ShakeXperience. ShakeXperience is a theatre-based company that is affiliated with the Royal Shakespeare Company and tours schools performing Department of Education English literature set-works.

The following are some of the tributes that have been posted on Twitter:


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