Rhythm City actor Bruno was killed and suicide faked

Brian “Bruno” Majola’s family wants to know how he died more than anything. The former Rhythm City actor, who was 26 years old, died on Monday, August 15, 2022. His family still doesn’t know how he died.

Some of the actor’s friends who talked to the news crew said that it was thought that the actor, who was from Dube in Soweto, killed himself. Others think that he was killed.
Sizwe Zatu, Brian’s brother, said it hurt to not know what caused his death.

“We’re waiting for the autopsy to come back. We have a lot of questions. We want to know what happened, just like everyone else in South Africa. He said, “This is so painful to go through.”

Sizwe said that Brian’s family was not ready to talk about his death right now.

Zola Hashati, who played Brian’s friend on the e.tv soap opera, said that he didn’t take the news well.

“I’m still upset about Magesh’s death, and now Bruno has died, too. I’m not doing well with any of this. It hurt me a lot. This hurts. When I heard about it, I cried like a little child. Bruno is not the kind of person who wants to die, so how dare he hang himself? I’m hurt. I will miss him and how kind he was. He was so nice and cared about other people. Zola said, “Let’s honor Bruno’s life and remember him.”

Brian “Bruno” Majola’s death made a lot of fans sad and shocked. He used to be on Rhythm City and was a kwaito musician.

Pardon Makamu, a family friend, said that Majola died suddenly and out of the blue.

A person who knew the Hosh rapper said that Majola died around 6 p.m. on Monday.

According to the source, the artist’s chef girlfriend found him dead and was then questioned by the police.

“His girlfriend found him, and she told his family about it.

They think it might have been a suicide or that someone might have done something bad. But I still can’t say for sure. We’re all thinking about the news, and the police and his family will tell us more, said the source.

Majola made a name for himself as a member of the kwaito duo Gumshev. After Majola spent time in a juvenile jail, the group put out their first album, Straight Out Of Prison.
Because he loved acting, he was also in the Mzansi Magic show Inkaba.

Majola went on to work with some of the best music producers and artists, such as MXO, Pitch Black Afro, Malik, Amu, Pro Kid, DJ Cleo, Zola, Ishmael, Bongani Fassie, Donald, Morafe, Da LES, Brown Dash, Mapaputsi, 985, Imbube, Drenko, and many others.

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