Reed dance was held at Nongoma, and the Qwabe twins were there.

Today, September 17th, 2022, the well-known musical artists Qwabe twins were seen at the reed dance being held at Enyokeni in Nongoma.

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The first reed dance, also known as Umkhosi womhlanga, performed by King Misuzulu ka Zwelithini, the newly crowned Zulu King of amaZulu. Reed dance guests were treated to a performance by one of the most well-known artists, who also attended the event.

The Reed dance was a complete and utter success despite the fact that there were risks present. As a result, Buzabazi and his brother had the intention of putting a stop to the event and seizing control of the Enyokeni. Both the King and the Prince of Khangela expressed interest in holding the event at the Khangela amankengane.

On the other hand, the event was a success. The reed was given to the King by the virgins who were present. This is awareness to eliminate the diseases that are affecting the youth as well as to emphasize abstinence and prevent teenage pregnancy. It is also awareness to eliminate the diseases that are affecting the youth.

There were some people who took exception to the idea that twins could be virgins. They are not required to pass judgment on other people. You do not need to go to reed dance in order to maintain your status as a virgin.

The general population holds a variety of opinions. Some people criticize the twins, while others praise them. Check out the comments.

Murder of Senzo Meyiwa | On Friday, Tumelo Madlala treated himself to an extravagant meal

On Friday, Senzo Meyiwa’s close friend Tumelo Madlala, who is the state’s third witness in the 2014 murder case of the late slain Orlando Pirates goalkeeper, enjoyed a lavish yet peaceful meal. Madlala is the third witness for the state in the case.

After finishing his extravagant meal, Madlala, who began giving his testimony on Tuesday at the High Court sitting in Pretoria, even took the time to enjoy a refreshing beer before continuing.
Later that evening, Tumelo Madlala, who had earlier named accused number 2 Bongani Tanzi as one of the robbers when Senzo Meyiwa was brutally murdered, took to his official social media account, where he shared pictures of himself feasting. Madlala had previously fingered Tanzi as one of the robbers when Meyiwa was murdered.

Tumelo Madlala, who made it no secret during his testimony that they were drinking alcohol on that fateful night when Senzo Meyiwa was killed, wrote, “my bro I’m still cooling my head off a bit” in response to a particular comment made in the comment section on that day. During his testimony, Tumelo he Madlala revealed that they were drinking alcohol.

As for some other news…

On Friday, Madlala, who appears to enjoy the finer things in life, refused to give an answer when asked how much he was paid by Netflix to be part of the docuseries about the murder of the former Orlando Pirates number one goalkeeper. The docuseries is about the murder of Orlando Pirates number one goalkeeper Orlando Dlamini.

During the cross-examination, according to ewn.co.za, Tumelo Madlala disclosed that he was approached by Netflix to take part in this documentary series for free and share some photographs; however, he wanted to be compensated as he dedicated his time to doing that interview. In addition, it was reported that Madlala disclosed that he does not recall off the top of his head how much he was paid, but that he has the documents at his home in KZN that show how much he was paid. These documents were said to demonstrate how much Madlala was paid.

According to the publication that was referred to earlier, Tumelo Madlala, who is the topic of conversation right now, is scheduled to continue being cross-examined by the state in the month of November, when it is anticipated that he will resume giving his testimony.

Senzo Meyiwa’s friend reveals new information in court, including the twist that he “was already cold and heavy.”

Turnabout: in court, a friend of Senzo Meyiwa’s adds, “He was already cold and heavy.”

The trial for Senzo Meyiwa’s homicide has been pushed back to November 14, 2022. After picking back up, it is expected to last until December 2, 2022.

This week’s trial focused on the events leading up to the shooting of former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa.

The trial was scheduled to end on September 16th, so it began on September 5th.

One of the witnesses in the murder trial of Meyiwa testified that he could not tell if the former Bafana Bafana goalkeeper was alive or dead when he was placed in a car after being shot.

According to Tumelo Madlala’s main testimony, they needed help from some of the neighbors to lift Meyiwa because he was so heavy.

It is believed that Meyiwa was killed in 2014 while paying his ex-girlfriend Kelly Khumalo a visit.

Meyiwa was already dead when he was taken to the hospital, according to Advocate TT Thobane, the defense attorney for four of the five accused.

The sighting of Tumelo Madlala with large sums of money set tongues wagging.

Witness Tumelo Madlala identified accused 2 as 32-year-old Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi from Freedom Park in Phokeng, Rustenburg, and testified that Ntanzi had claimed to have shot and killed Senzo Meyiwa while the two men grappled.

Consequently, it seems reasonable to conclude that he was the one who fired the fatal shot, since he was the one holding the gun during their struggle. However, the provided evidence does not square with the crime scene or explain how Meyiwa came to be killed.

We recently discovered that there were insurance payments made out to Kelly Khumalo, and this is the same man who has been seen out and about, shopping and generally seeming to live large in the wake of Senzo Meyiwa’s death.

It was discovered that the couple had taken out a life insurance policy, but the payments were allegedly made to another man. This raises the question of whether or not the policy’s beneficiary was actually the man.

We have yet to learn whether or not he was also a soccer player, but given how much money he has been seen flashing around, that seems highly unlikely to be the case. Many are skeptical of his testimony in court because he was allegedly caught on camera with large sums of cash, leading them to believe he may be giving evidence that backs up the prosecution’s case but contradicts the actual events of that day.

Just from what I’m hearing from this guy Many of us have learned from Tumelo Madlala’s testimony that it’s best to be wary of who you choose to call a friend in life, as he doesn’t appear to be someone who is saying a lot of things that would lead to the arrest of the real perpetrators of this crime.

Those who are currently being held in connection with this crime are essentially laughing in court, claiming that they will not be arrested and that the truth will eventually emerge.

In court, he admitted under oath that Kelly had hidden in the other bedroom during the robbery and struggle, but he also testified that she had beaten up the intruder. He also said that Longwe had left without paying attention to the man in the kitchen, which raises serious suspicions. How did Senzo get past the first guy with the gun to go after the one in the kitchen? is another question that comes to mind.

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