R.I.P.: Her best friend killed her, but look how happy she was on their last girls’ night out.

The body of a woman who lived in the Old Magwegwe neighborhood of Bulawayo and was last seen alive on Saturday after going out with friends was found inside the vehicle that belonged to the woman’s brother.

The woman had been missing since the previous day. Thulisile Dube, who had been residing in South Africa, took her family by complete surprise on Thursday by traveling to Bulawayo to see them after traveling all the way there from South Africa.
She was not alone; one of her brothers was there with her. She was doing really well for herself, so she decided to purchase a house in Pelandaba West, which is located in the city of Bulawayo. Her family asserts that she was a tough, self-reliant woman who put in a lot of effort, and they were shocked and devastated to learn that her best friend, whom she relied on, was the one who plotted her murder. Her family believed that she was a hard worker.

She went out with her friend on Saturday night, and a few hours before she was killed, she was seen dancing in glasses while wearing a black dress. Her death occurred shortly after this sighting. On Sunday morning, her body was discovered in the woods.

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The authorities were seeking for her acquaintance, who they believe was also implicated in the crime along with her partner. It was verified by the police yesterday that one of the suspects, named as Farai Michael Mutasa, age 28, and originally from New Magwegwe, committed suicide by hanging himself. His lifeless body was discovered in Bulawayo on the premises of Inxhwala, which can be situated between Masotsha Avenue and Northend. Since that time, his partner has been detained by the authorities.


This is the terrible voice of the perpetrator, Farai Michael Mutasa, bringing to life the nerve-jangling audio confession of his horrific and barbaric killing of Thulisile Dube. He was speaking with his sister over the phone just a few minutes before committing suicide by hanging himself in Northend in Bulawayo. The horrible coward took his own life by hanging himself. Musa, his partner, managed to get away from the scene, and the authorities are currently searching for her.

The audio recording of the killer makes it abundantly clear that Thulisile’s buddy Musa was the one who was responsible for her murder. It was obvious that she had planned the homicide in advance, and it’s probable that she did so with the intention of robbing the victim of their possessions.

When Thulisile came to visit from South Africa, she did what she always did, which was to take her female friends out for what she referred to as “girls out night” and buy them drinks for the entirety of the evening. Surprisingly, after that, Thulisile’s friend Musa extended an invitation to Farai to come along with them.

They did not waste any time and set out on their trek back home early on Sunday morning. After dropping off one of the friends, Farai and Musa drove with Mambazo, who was unaware of what was going on, and ultimately made the decision to have her killed. Mambazo was with Farai and Musa. This was Thulisile’s more common moniker among his peers. They put her through an excruciatingly painful death before dumping her body near some bushes known as Emganwini.

Her death was brought about by a method that they chose. They failed to remember about it when they were traveling in the automobile that belonged to her brother, which she was operating at the time. This evening I had the pleasure of spending time with Thulisile’s family.

They are inconsolable, they are still in a state of shock, and they have no idea why Musa, who was very close to Thulisile, would betray her in such a significant way. They don’t understand why. Early on Saturday morning, Thulisile will be laid to rest at Umvutsha Cemetery in Bulawayo. The ceremony will take place there.

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