Prophet who prophesied Shona Ferguson’s passing has a strong message for Somizi. 

Prophet who prophesied Shona Ferguson’s passing has a strong message for Somizi.

Recently published on the Mellontik Orasi administration’s Facebook wall. Fans of Somizi are asked to remember him in prayer as he is a prophet who is well-known for his predictions of death and catastrophe.

According to the prophet, it is uncertain what will happen to Somizi. The precise Southern African prophet who accurately predicted the demise of Shona Ferguson, Tb Joshua, Kenneth Kaunda, and many other persons has delivered a dubious prophecy to Somizi.

Somizi needs to have prayers offered for him, according to an urgent prophecy that has been given.

Prophet who prophesied Shona Ferguson’s passing has a strong message for Somizi.

This time, he has told South African celebrity Somizi that if he doesn’t pray, a lot of awful things will happen to him, possibly even leading to his death.

After the tragic death of TV great Shona Ferguson, last year was extremely emotional and painful, especially for The Fergusons, their friends, colleagues, and fans.

According to a statement issued by the family, the actor and filmmaker passed away on Friday, July 30, 2021, at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg after being hospitalised for complications associated to COVID-19.

Many people paid their respects to the celebrity who touched the lives of people from all walks of life with his work, whether he was in front of the camera, in the background, or even when he gave the world a peek into his personal life as a family man.

While condolences for the late actor and producer continue to flood in, a Twitter user who supposedly foretold about the iconic actor’s passing has stunned many people and sent many tongues buzzing.

The prophet released screenshots of messages he sent to Connie Ferguson, an actress, on May 19th on his Twitter account. He described his sadness as coming from the realization that Shona had died, adding that all he wanted to do was stop this on May 19, 2021. He continued by apologizing for not trying hard enough and including screenshots of his tweets from that day.

The alleged prophet had tagged Connie Ferguson in a lengthy conversation and warned her that her husband’s life was in danger.

“The life of your husband is in peril. I don’t want attention, but if there was a more effective means to communicate, it would be simple to get in touch with you privately.”

Connie was inconsolable and in pain when he told her about her husband, Shona, according to the man who introduces himself as “the sun god rha in the nomo body,” who went on to explain what he had seen with his spiritual eye. Additionally, he had counseled her to seek assistance for her husband and validate his prophecy with a traditionalist.

“This occurred while I was with you an hour ago in the fourth dimension’s spiritual astral plane. I asked you if you were okay, but you lied and said, “No, it’s just a war.” I then mentioned how much I appreciate and love your husband’s insurrection. You were quiet, far away, and dejected. I broke down in tears and felt as like my heart had been torn as you screened.

You cried out in agony, yelling, “My husband, my husband,” and again screaming, “I don’t know why I’m crying, I don’t know why I’m crying,” until it was done “It was heartbreakingly sad.

“It’s okay if you don’t believe everything I say. nonetheless, for safety. A traditionalist will affirm if you go to them. Ensure the safety of your family. Ensure the safety of your family, especially your spouse, so he can continue to fulfill his role as the chosen one. I appreciate it.” I’m sorry I didn’t try hard enough to stop this on May 19, 2021, but when I saw this, it made me feel heartbroken.

These tweets, which were purportedly posted on May 19th, have now gained a lot of attention on Twitter. Many users dismissed them as edits that were backdated via a third-party tool when they started to circulate on the app. Many people, however, have come forward to confirm that the tweets were, in fact, made on the specified date because they recall seeing them. Additionally, there are remarks below the tweet, which are also dated May 19.

Connie Ferguson, the actor’s lovely wife and business partner, survives at age 47. The couple embodied everything a couple should be. As they created an empire together, spent their days creating fantastic television, and lived life to the fullest, their love was the kind of relationship that many people only dream of.

Connie’s daughter from her first marriage, Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson, has a baby boy who many of us have seen on our screens, most recently as Masego on Rockville season 5. Shona and Connie also have a lovely daughter together, Alicia Ferguson, who is 18 years old.

May his soul rest in peace forever.

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