People ask about Zodwa Wabantu’ s mental health after seeing what she was doing on the video shared 

In her home country of South Africa, Zodwa Wabantu is known as a renowned dancer, socialite, and media figure. Libram left his family when he was 16 years old in order to get a job and support himself. In later years, she made the decision to pursue dance as a full-time vocation by performing in nightclubs and dining establishments.

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Her reputation as a dancer has grown substantially over the past few years, and during this time she has been engaged in a rivalry with another dancer who goes by the name Skolopad. She gave a performance for the people in attendance at a party that was called Doek on Fleek. 2017 was the year that she signed a contract to become an Afrotainment performer.

In 2018, the first episode of Behind the Story on MTV 2 South Africa featured a segment on Wabantu as the featured story. Her films have achieved viral success on the internet and now each have their own own dedicated channel on YouTube. You will take over as the brand ambassador for Mazda Menyln beginning in October of 2021. In the latter part of 2021, when the SAAPA Awards are held, she will preside over them as the host.

The fact that more and more people are interested in using conventional methods of healthcare has given rise to widespread unease. Concerns have been raised as a result of individuals such as Zodwa Wababtu regarding whether or not people are participating because they believe it to be the real thing or simply because they believe it to be the standard.

This is because of the people like Zodwa Wababtu. One such explanation is that they are under the impression that they have no choice but to carry out these behaviors in order to live up to the standards set by their forefathers.

Many people have questioned the career path that Zodwa Wabatu has chosen, questioning if the outward expressions of faith that she makes are purely theatrical or if they have some real meaning behind them. However, not long after announcing that she has a calling, Zodwa Wababtu was seen performing in clubs as usual, although this time she was naked. This goes against the advice of many professionals who say that when you find your calling, you should devote your entire life to it. Then, when pressed to explain her activities, she responded, “I don’t know,” adding that her forefathers would have approved of her acts even though she did not realize what she was doing at the time.

At a time when everyone was still trying to figure out what she was up to, a video of her performing a traditional dance was posted online. It was widely criticized on the grounds that it gave the impression that she wasn’t truly invested in the dance, but rather that she was performing it for the sake of spectacle. This was in response to the fact that it was posted online at a time when everyone was still trying to figure out what she was up to. And there was clearly some back-and-forth discussion about it.

Zodwa Wabantu was seen picking up cow droppings in this video; see it here!

It’s safe to say that Zodwa Wabantu’s most recent antics have taken things to a whole new level, just when we thought we’d seen it all with her.

Since the socialite first started working in the entertainment industry, she has never stopped surprising people in some way. Whether it be through her exotic dancing, dating Ben 10s, or selling eggs during the pandemic, she is constantly in the news.

Now the controversial entertainer is going on a spiritual journey at the moment, and she recently shared a video on Instagram showing herself picking up cow excrement as part of her practice.

In the video, Wabantu can be heard encouraging the person who is operating the camera to come closer so they can have a better look at the cow poo, which she refers to as “ice cream.”

“She captioned her Instagram image with the phrase “as long as Ulivumile Idlozi Seningaba Sacred nina Enazi kakhulu Thokoza.”

It’s true that cow dung isn’t exactly the most appetizing item in the world, but it’s also well-known for having a variety of applications, such as in the fields of agriculture and construction.

Her post was flooded with comments from followers applauding Wabantu for the authenticity of her performance.

The commenter @nwashigalo said, “I admire Zodwa because she is genuine. In this one, she doesn’t put on the shem act at all.

Others, meanwhile, couldn’t help but wonder what kind of “ice-cream” Wabantu was talking about when he made his comment.

Wabantu has been keeping her admirers up to date with her journey and it appears that she is having a good time during her stay in the community.

In January, the star of “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored” confirmed to IOL Entertainment that she was setting out on a unique spiritual journey. However, she stated that she was not a sangoma and that she did not intend to become one in the near future.

“I have only recently accepted a calling; nevertheless, this is not the typical ubizo” (calling). I’m not a sangoma, “”she stated,”

“I’m not going to enroll in a sangoma initiation program,” I told them. “At that moment, I revealed that my name is Inkosazana ya Manzi, which translates to “the princess of the water.”

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