Not Again! Calls for Uyajola 99 to be cancelled grow louder

People are demanding that “Uyajola 99” be taken off the air because JubJub did this; is this considered gender-based violence?

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The well-known singer and television personality has become trending topics on several social media platforms, but not for positive reasons. Molemo Mahooronyane is a well-known name in the South African music scene.

Not Again! Calls for Uyajola 99 to be cancelled grow louder

He is also an entrepreneur and television host. After serving his time in prison for killing schoolchildren while under the influence of alcohol, he was just just granted parole and allowed to go free. After serving his time in jail, many felt it was appropriate to offer him a second chance, just like they would provide it to anyone else.

They did not want to pass judgment on him for the errors that he had committed in the past, so instead they provided him the opportunity to make changes in his life. It’s a South African television show called “Uyajola 99,” and it’s more focused on helping people solve their relationship problems, especially cheating issues.

Not Again! Calls for Uyajola 99 to be cancelled grow louder

He was given the opportunity to be a presenter on the show, and he took it. It brings to light all of the wrongdoings. People were impressed with the show and believed that it had the potential to bring peace to the country when the first episode was shown.

Not Again! Calls for Uyajola 99 to be cancelled grow louder

In a relatively short amount of time, it caught the attention of millions upon millions of spectators. The work that Jub Jub is doing has unquestionably left its audience members feeling inspired. On the other hand, after yesterday’s program, which seems to have piqued people’s interest, it seems as though he might lose some of the viewers he now has.

He enabled a girl to damage and trash the taxi as well as the food that someone else was eating, but JubJub and his squad did not become involved until the other person expressed a desire to exact revenge. It appears to the general public as though Jub Jub condones gender-based violence. It is common knowledge that violence against women and other forms of discrimination based on gender are among the most pressing issues facing South Africans today.

Women and men are treated no differently than animals and are mistreated and beaten mercilessly on a daily basis. Even in modern times, the nation continues to harbor the hope that it will cease very soon. The event from the previous day demonstrated to the nation that women are equally complicit in the abuse of others.

People have had the misconception for a very long time that males are the ones who are in the wrong; nevertheless, it has just been brought to their attention that they should also check women. People are not happy and they want the show to be switched off. What are your thoughts regarding this issue? Please share your thoughts in the comment box, and be sure to follow for more updates.

A short time ago, Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye was removed from his hosting role at Uyajola 99 by Moja Love after claims of sexual assault were made against the celebrity.

A statement issued by the channel provided confirmation of the decision.

It comes after an explosive interview that Jub Jub gave on the podcast Podcast and Chill with MacG, in which he discussed his time spent in prison as well as his relationships with singer Kelly Khumalo and actress Amanda Du-Pont.

After the interview, Du-Pont took to social media in an effort to set the record straight regarding a number of comments that were made about their relationship. In the past, she has mentioned that she was a victim of abuse but has never specified who was responsible. She said that the celebrity “raped, physically assaulted, and mentally tormented” her for a period of two years.

Moja Love has publicly distanced themselves from Jub Jub’s comments and announced that the celebrity has been suspended.

In his personal role, Jub Jub participated in an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, which was broadcast on Channel O the day before yesterday. Moja Love was not involved in the production of that interview’s editorial in any way, and she has no connection to the interview’s subject matter.

“As a channel, we do not in any way, shape, or form condone any form of gender-based violence under any circumstances. As Moja Love, we have come to the conclusion that we need to suspend Jub Jub.

When contacted, the legal team for Jub Jub stated that they would not comment on the charges and that they may issue a statement regarding the situation at a later date.

At the time that this story was being written, all attempts to obtain a comment from DuPont had been fruitless. Any new information that is obtained will be included once it is obtained.

In a statement she made on social media, DuPont explained that the “only thing I did wrong was keep quiet.” But this is where it stops.”

She accused Jub Jub and MacG of “dragging” her name into the interview “for clout at the cost of amplifying a gender-based violence case” and made a request for legal assistance. She criticized Jub Jub and MacG for their actions.

“The fight is more important than me. It is dedicated to the women who are trapped there and ultimately perish.

TshisaLIVE was told by a spokeswoman for Podcast and Chill with MacG that the company would not comment on the situation.

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