‘My Uncle Died and Came Back Without a Tongue,’ the Lady Explains, as She Attempts to Explain How Her Reportedly Dead Uncle Came Back to Life

Even though there have been a lot of accounts told of people who have died and then returned to life, a lot of people still don’t believe that such things can happen.

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In Venda culture, there is a belief that a person can die and then come back to life. However, in order for this to happen, the person must have been killed by witchcraft and turned into a zombie. They are of the opinion that a malevolent spirit can possess a person’s spirit and cause them to live as a zombie while still being considered dead by us.

There was a story that went viral not too long ago about a man who had passed away quite some time ago but had recently returned to his hometown in Limpopo, which is called Nzhelele. Before that, there was another account of a family who went to dig a grave for their son and discovered that there was not coke but something that resembled an animal in the grave.

The family was shocked. Because of these two stories, many people now believe that it is indeed possible for a person to become a zombie. In addition, many people believe that if a family has powerful ancestors, the person can return home, but with a muddled mind. Both of these beliefs are based on the idea that a person can be turned into a zombie.

Following all of that, there is yet another widely circulated story about a man who supposedly returned from the afterlife. A young woman told the story of how her deceased uncle returned to her via social media. He had been gone for a very long time.

She claimed that after her uncle passed away, no one ever entered his room again, despite the fact that they could still hear noise at night and things moving inside the room. Her family attempted to seek advice from the sangoma regarding the noise that they heard coming from the room. The sangoma informed them that the uncle is still alive and that he is being used, but none of the sangomas were able to assist in bringing him back.

She mentioned that one day, when everything at home was proceeding as usual, a young boy came running in and said he had seen the uncle. They then embarked on their journey with the young boy in order to investigate the matter he had raised. In point of fact, he brought them to an odd house.

As soon as they entered, they discovered the uncle bound with chains, looking extremely pale and filthy, and unable to speak because he lacked a tongue. In addition to this, it was unfortunate that he was unable to recognize anyone, and he gave off the impression of being mentally ill.

They then called the chief, along with the elderly woman who lived in that house, and asked them to come. When the owner arrived, she just stood there with her hand on her head and a very shocked expression on her face. This woman is under the impression that her uncle was turned into a zombie. She is under the impression that some sort of witchcraft is to blame for all of this.

Mzansi was in stitches after Kelly Khumalo said, “He still visits me.”

Kelly Khumalo went on a radio meeting with Kaya 959 in response to the ongoing stream of preliminary and numerous disclosures. Here, she elaborates on the current state of her relationship with Senzo Meyiwa and related topics.

In the first place, Kelly claimed that the Senzo Meyiwa case has become a distraction for some people who will never again give a damn about the people involved.

Kelly Khumalo revealed to the moderators that she often dreams about Senzo Meyiwa and has conversations with him in her sleep.

Still, it seemed like he was reassuring her after she agreed to keep dreaming about him. The words seemed to sting in his ears. Who talks about the deceased being happy in the afterlife? Really, it doesn’t amount to anything.

In court right now, they’re listening to the third eyewitness’ account of what happened when Senzo Meyiwa was killed, which many people don’t believe to be the truth.

As the saying goes, “l have to swallow my pride.” Thembi Seete, the star of Gomora, allegedly has a high school boyfriend who wants to rekindle their romance.

An alleged high school boyfriend of Gomora actress ‘Gladys’ Thembi Seete resurfaced twenty years later to win her heart. Fans of Thembi Seete, both on Gomora and in real life, are always discussing her romantic life. Thathi “Katlego Danke” was Melusi’s childhood sweetheart, and Gladys “Zolisa Xaluva” saw herself in a love triangle with the two of them on Gomora. As the principal of Gomora High School and a social worker, respectively, Gladys and Melusi have long been regarded as one of the most powerful couples in Gomora.

Even though Melusi and Gladys were highly respected members of society, their marriage was fraught with difficulties. Sure enough, Gladys finally gave up and divorced Melusi. Gladys brought in Mr. Cele as the new principal of Gomora High after Melusi resigned.

Thembi’s love life is just as dramatic as her relationship with Gomora. Thembi, who is now 45 years old, has never had a fulfilling marriage but has instead experienced a series of intense and far-reaching relationships. When she finally popped the question to her longtime boyfriend Bobo “Bo” Seritsane in 2012. There had been rumors that the couple would be as popular as Connie and Shona Ferguson, and Thembi finally put those rumors to rest. It didn’t work out between them, so they split up and she moved on. Too many of Thembi’s exes to count, but apparently another high school sweetheart is still head over heels for her.

It took a lot of humility to say this: Thembi Seete, the Gomora actress, allegedly has a high school boyfriend who wants to rekindle their romance.

He claims to be Thembi Seete’s high school sweetheart and wants her back.
It seemed as though Thembi’s beauty had come on slowly over time. She probably looks even more stunning now than she did in her teen years. Collen, the man who lost Thembi twenty years ago due to his pride, now wishes he hadn’t. Thembi was probably dumped by him when she was a nobody in high school.

Whether or not this is Thembi Seete’s high school boyfriend, it’s clear that Thembi has aged gracefully. The years seemed to enhance her beauty. Collen the elder isn’t the only one who’s developed feelings for Thembi in middle age. Collen Mashawana, the father of her child, fell in love with Thembi when she was in her forties. The two reportedly broke up, and word on the street is that Thembi is now dating someone else.

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