Moipone is murdered by the ruthless Khumo when she visits the prison.

A deadly witch showed up in prison and was responsible for the death of James Motsamai’s mother (Moipone). She goes by the name Khumo Motsamai, and Seneo Mabengano, who is a newcomer to the cast, plays her. She is about to turn everything on its head.

She is James Motsamai’s long-lost half-sister on his father’s side, and she recently divorced the billionaire husband she had been married to at the time of his death. It has been stated that she plans to come for everything, including MMC.

Moipone was surprised to receive a visit from Khumo while she was incarcerated last night, and their talk took an unexpected turn very soon.

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Moipone and Khumo discussed an incident that involved Khumo’s mother, who did something to Moipone that was so heinous that Khumo is willing to kill for it to be kept a secret, and she has. Moipone and Khumo also discussed the fact that Khumo has already done so.

Moipone, whose death at the hands of Khumo yesterday night came as a complete and total surprise , is her first victim.

After Tenda attempted to kill his daughter because she had seen him kill Hulisani, Moipone was arrested for kidnapping Tenda’s child, Kenosi. This led to Tenda’s arrest.

Moipone ended up in a coma for several months as a result of the situation, and after she came out of it, she confessed to the crime in order to get James and Imani out of jail.

The Soapie has given some light on what we may anticipate from this lovely poisonous serpent by providing the following information:

After she had finished off Moipone so brutally the night before, she stood in front of a wall that was covered in pictures of other people who play important roles in the soap opera.

These characters include, to name a few examples, James Motsamai, Tenda Mudzimu, and Gugu.

The images that were uploaded to their website also show her choking Tenda while he is lying in his hospital bed.

The Motsamai household is going to see a calamitous change in the course of events.

We hear through the grapevine that the arrival of Khumo causes everything to change, including James and Itseng’s relationship. This relationship deteriorates to the point where James ends up betraying Itseng, and she tries to plot against him but ends up being attacked and hurt in the process.

James is going to compete against Azwindini in a head-to-head matchup as well.

Seneo Mabengano, who formerly held the title of Miss Botswana, will make her acting debut in this production.

The actress claimed, in a statement that was distributed by Muvhango, that she is a go-getter who is willing to do anything in order to obtain the things that she desires.

The shocking revelation that James had recognized his mother’s body while it was being held in the mortuary at the prison made everyone cry last night, and viewers were left feeling terrible for James.

Khumo has made it very obvious that she does not want any loose ends, and as a result, we are under the impression that all of the individuals whose images are currently displayed on the wall are soon to come under her wrath.

In the video that follows, you can see Khumo making her entrance and going on a killing spree:

Muvhango’s Mmabatho Mogomotsi ‘Moipone’ has been eliminated.

In South Africa, Mmabatho Mogomotsi is recognized as Moipone from the TV series Muvhango. She has been a recurring member of the cast for quite a while, and as a result, she has earned the hatred of many viewers. Mmabatho Mogomotsi has done a fine job as the show’s leader, but her character is about to be killed off.

Playing the role of Moipone in Muvhango is Mmabatho Mogomotsi.

Moipone ran into trouble after she saw Tenda murder his nephew Hulisani in cold blood during a party for James. Tenda did not want there to be any unanswered questions about his crime, so he severely injured Moipone, causing her to go into a coma for a period of time. In her quest for vengeance against Tenda and his family, Moipone, having recovered from her near-death experience, stole their newborn and substituted a dead one for him in the hospital.

Although Tenda mourned the loss of a kid who was not his, his wife Mpho was adamant that the child who had died was not their own, and she never gave up hope of finding her true child. As their battle escalated, it became clear that Moipone was responsible for the kidnapping, and he eventually admitted his guilt and was jailed.

Moipone hoped that Tenda would get what he deserved, and she promised her lawyer that she would sing like a canary in prison. Moipone was expecting a lawyer, but instead she was visited by Khumo, one of her baby daddy’s many children. After a brief discussion, Khumo decides that Moipone is superfluous to her revenge plot and decides to eliminate her. Before she could exact her vengeance on Tenda or reveal the truth about him to anyone, Moipone choked to death.

James, her son, found a prison phone call and verified that she was indeed his mother. Fans are left scratching their heads over the way Moipone’s storyline ended on Muvhango last night.

South African entertainment industry star Mmabatho Mogomotsi will no longer be featured on the program. The actress, however, has other projects and jobs in the works. She spends most of her time on stage, where she has performed in plays by well-known authors like Aubrey Sekhabi and Jerry Mofokeng. She also directs and writes scripts for the South African production company Afriville.

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