#Mnakwethu Man introduces first wife to his second wife

Mzansi has been feeling sorry for this woman ever since her husband made the decision to announce his new wife to her in front of her. In this episode of #Mnakwethu, the Mnakwethu host, Mus Mseleku, is also rendered speechless for the very first time in his entire career.

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A young man by the name of Siya has just made the decision to humiliate himself on national television. After watching the episode of Mnakwethu that aired today, many fans and viewers were left speechless and in tears. However, despite the fact that he is not yet ready to settle down, Siya wants to marry another woman. This wife is beyond hopeless; she should salvage what little dignity she has left and get out of here as soon as possible.

The woman is left feeling defeated as a result of the fact that her husband has turned out to be a cheater who has cheated on her with a number of other women. Siya has 19 girlfriends, and he is literally putting his wife in danger of contracting diseases by doing this. Mzansi have accused him of deceiving them and behaving inappropriately in front of their child.

As a direct result of his actions, the wife has become belligerent and threatening. Musa Mseleku has also stated that Siya is such a scandal that he will sleep with anyone or anything that has two feet. Musa advised that the family of the woman in question return the lobola and break off their engagement with the man in question, Siya. Mseleku is quoted as saying that he has witnessed women’s cattle in his life, but not a large number of them.

The content of Mseleku’s diary entries was all over the place, ranging from speaking negatively about the lady to expressing support for her. Musa claimed that the woman became intoxicated after she had just finished being completely forthright about how she feels about her boyfriend.

A look inside the extravagant wedding of Makhumalo and Musa Mseleku

Thobile Khumalo is a well-known figure in South African media and she is without a doubt one of the celebrities in South Africa who is held in the highest esteem by the public.

Musa Mseleku is currently married to his third wife, who is better known by her stage name, Makhumalo. Their reality television show is called Uthando Nesthembu.

If we are having a conversation about talent and sophistication, there is no way we can leave Makhumalo out of it because she embodies both of those qualities and more.

She is very interested in clothing, cosmetics, and making sure that she appears attractive at all times and in everything that she puts on.

She sported dreadlocks during the first season of Uthando Nesthembu, which was the first time the show was broadcast, and she looked absolutely stunning in them. She frequently experimented with new hairstyles.

She just recently posted pictures from her wedding on her Instagram, and both she and her husband look absolutely stunning in them. We are all aware that it was her turn to have a wedding, and she was just about to start preparing for it when something unexpected occurred, which forced her to temporarily pause the preparations.

The wedding that she shared with her husband took place over the past weekend, and it was a traditional ceremony. Take a look at the images below;

Umndeni MaMkhulu Exposes Maseko Of Witchcraft

The situation is getting increasingly bizarre and out of control with each passing week. Imagine having to put up a fight for a man you think is attempting to enchant you because you believe he loves you. The scandal involving feminine hygiene products is continuing to reveal new information. It would appear that MamKhulu has finally come to her senses regarding Nkanyezi, as she has leveled accusations of “witchcraft” against Maseko. Some husbands have a hard time getting along with their wives’ families because their wives are like Mahlalentabeni, who criticizes her husband in front of her in-laws despite the fact that she is supposed to be their wife. These men have a difficult time getting along with their wives’ families because they have wives like Mahlalentabeni.

Even though she claims Maseko is casting a spell on her, Mamkhulu is still interested in receiving lobola from him. Mamkhulu is a moron because, despite everything that she discovers in Maseko’s hut, she continues to live with him. Despite all of these things, she is an idiot. In spite of the fact that she is aware that Maseko’s attention is currently being diverted to the task of collecting her used sanitary pads, she is adamant that lobola be paid for her ancestors by Maseko. After Nkanyezi told her about a pad in Maseko’s house and after she discovered the pad herself along with many more wrapped in plastic and attached to her watch, she started to question whether or not she should continue to be in a witchcraft marriage with Maseko. Nkanyezi told her about the pad, and she discovered the pad herself along with many more wrapped in plastic and attached to her watch. Even though she believes he is plotting something against them, she continues to be with him; this raises the possibility that he has actually played a cruel joke on them.

What is the purpose of him keeping her USED sanitary pads in his collection? What is it about their relationship that allows them to remain a married couple? Why does she have such a nonchalant attitude about the fact that she is married to a man who stores her used sanitary towels in HIS HUT? Why does she treat this as if it is no big deal? In other words, what exactly is going on with this show? Why Maseko hasn’t distanced himself from these women is something that has baffled me up until this point.

Where Have You Been During All This Time, Nkanyezi Mamkhulus Gobel? The next question that must be asked is why Mamkhulu is calling her by name rather than paying respect to her gobela. #idlozi would humiliate you, Mamkhulu threw Nkanyezi out like a dog, forgetting that ukuthi is her Gobel. #idlozi would teach you a lesson. Now, she requires Nkanyezi’s assistance more than ever before in order to be protected and guided in the right direction.

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