MaShelembe from Mnakwethu, who is currently through extreme destitution

Makhosazana “MaShelembe” Shelembe, who is known for her role on the Mnakwethu reality TV show, has resurfaced in the media, and this time she is making the claim that things are not looking well for her. She asserts that she has fallen back into abject poverty as a direct result of the opulent baby showers she attended in KwaZulu-Natal the previous year.

According to the Daily Sun, MaShelembe is having difficulty with her alcohol business, which is generating some tension in her personal and professional life.

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MaShelembe was one of the many wives whose lives were turned upside down when their husbands decided to take a second wife without first getting their consent. She was one of the many wives who received the shock of their lives.

She stated that she would leave her husband and move out of the marital home, but citizens assisted her and made her pregnancy extra special by hosting two baby showers. She claimed that she would leave her husband and move out of the marital home.

“I have no other source of income besides what I make from this business, and I am currently famished. I was fortunate enough to have two baby showers in 2021, which I am very thankful about,” she stated. “At that time, I was told to completely disregard any and all calls. People in business who were willing to help me but were prevented from doing so, but I can see now that I was led astray. I’ve fallen back into poverty, and nobody is willing to help me because I turned down everyone else’s assistance in the past.

“Despite the fact that dozens of individuals sent me money, I was never given a single penny of it. I was given the names of lawyers who may help me, but I have not received any communication from them.

MaShelembe begs the general people to assist her once more at this difficult time.

Due to disagreements between the two party coordinators, there was some excitement surrounding the baby showers.

Isolezwe reported at the time that Mashelembe’s lawyers from Rajaram Mvulane Attorneys instructed Mathonsi to pay Mashelembe R20 940. Isolezwe’s report stated that Mathonsi was told to pay Mashelembe.

Mathonsi allegedly went to MaShelembe’s house, asked her about her bank account, and then the two of them went to the bank to verify the information. This is according to the allegations made by RM Attorneys. It was stated that Mathonsi urged members of the public to make financial contributions to the baby shower account that she had set up.

In an interview with the journal, Mathonsi stated, “This morning I asked the name of a school that is nearest to her in order to make it easier for the driver to find her.” At this juncture, she shared with me that she will be going to Empangeni on the following Friday. After that, I inquired as to how this could be possible given that we had previously discussed the weekend and everything that it required.

“…every single woman who wished to lavish their affection onto Makhosi…

The organizer made it abundantly clear that her plan was not adaptable in any way, but she did promise to discuss the matter with her committee and get back to me within an hour with a resolution. A quote from her appeared in the publication.

“Makhosi is pregnant. By forcing her into an awkward position, I did not intend to and do not intend to give her any unnecessary mental or physical discomfort in any way, and I have no intention of doing so in the future. I made the decision to remove myself from the situation in order to avoid any kind of dispute or the appearance of conflict.

“Ntsike Magwaza of Mrs. Hairfidence had graciously allowed us to use her business to drop off gifts for those who would not be available for the drive-through gift drop-off and baby shower on Sunday,” the author writes. “This was for those who would not be able to attend the baby shower on Sunday.” This need not come to an end.

In other developments, fans of Gomora have been dealt a devastating blow with the announcement that actress Velile Makhoba (Gugu) will be leaving the program.

As the final episode of the critically acclaimed television series Gomora aired, South African actress Velile Makhoba said goodbye to her role on the program.

The aspiring actress played the role of Gugulethu in the telenovela; however, all of the storylines and events that centered on her character were wrapped up in the previous week. She made the announcement on her Instagram page, where she also thanked Gomora for the golden path it had set for her and the way it had honed her gift.

She also thanked her fans for making it a point to watch every episode of the show so they could see her perform and share their appreciation with her.

“You guys as a production crew turned my god dream into a reality, and for that, my heart is overflowing with gratitude…. Thank you for recognizing potential in me that you thought would be suitable for working with; the entire team has been great and kind to my spirit; from the producers of the program down to my core workers, you have made me feel like I belong here and that I am at home here. Gomora has provided me with a golden road and honed my talent, and I will humbly carry the love that you guys have poured into me because I am grateful to each and every one of you. I want to say thank you to all of my fans for the love and support they have given me throughout the years. I will be eternally grateful futh ngyohlezi nginithanda. She accompanied the photo with the following statement: “See on the next one this was only begun.”

Her supporters expressed their best wishes for her in the comment section, wishing her success in all of her upcoming efforts.

Aith mgobhozi made the following observation about your performance: “You did wonderfully well; may this open additional doors; even bigger doors.”

The comment made by asiphentuli was, “You carried the character so beautifully. We are really pleased of you.”

shamiso omphile “Yohh, I adore you so much that I’m crying; your skill has completely transformed me!” Uyi superstar.”

Chris Q. Radebe, the author of Gomora, sent flowers to the character through his Instagram account.

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