Makhadzi’s one woman show sparks controversy

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung may or may not have been married at one time. Their relationship ended abruptly, and shortly thereafter, rumors of abuse began to circulate. It was obvious that the once-good relationship had become poisonous and was beyond repair for both parties. Makhadzi, on the other hand, has been inserted into the middle of the discussion.

Makhadzi Did Mohale Dirty

Mohale is a devoted follower of Makhadzi’s work. To find all of his encouraging and enthusiastic tweets about her, one need merely look through his timeline. He has made it quite obvious on multiple occasions that Makhadzi is a somebody that he holds in high regard. But was it merely one person’s perspective?

A one-woman show featuring Makhadzi will take place in her home province of Limpopo. Which, when you think about it, should be viewed as a great positive thing, right? Wrong. The person in charge of hosting the show is… Somizi!!! Those who are aware of what a shady move this is on Somizi’s and Makhadzi’s parts were left in a state of utter devastation as a result.

People have taken to Twitter to express their opinions over the entire situation.

Makhadzi’s one woman show sparks controversy

One commenter questioned whether or not Somizi will be hosting Makhadzi’s one-woman show. Hayi Makhadzi has no shame.”

However, another user commented that Makhadzi ought to be embarrassed by her behavior. Why would you treat Mohale like this? After everything that was said to have happened between Mohale and Somizi, now Somizi gets to present her one-woman show? The same Mohale who promotes Makhadzi all the time and lends his support to him. It is a blessing indeed to be hailed as a media darling in this great nation.

Simply put, another user commented, “Can’t believe Makhadzi.”

Makhadzi’s one woman show sparks controversy

The final comment was left by a user who stated, “I feel like Makhadzi knows that Mohale is one of her biggest supporters for her to pull such a move.” But unfortunately”

Now I fully get the reasoning behind taking actions that will ensure a full house at one’s events. Nevertheless, Makhadzi is a powerhouse and does not require anyone else’s assistance in order to get people to show up for her. She is often regarded as South Africa’s sweetheart. This action comes across as unethical and unnecessary to me, and for that reason, I have to declare that I agree with it.

In the earlier part of this year, award-winning singer Makhadzi wowed Botswana with her one-woman show. Now, the Ghanama hitmaker will amaze Limpopo with her energizing dance moves on Saturday, October 1st. Her very first solo performance in South Africa will take place at the Makhuva Stadium tonight, and it will be her first solo gig anywhere.

After receiving such overwhelming support from Botswana, Makhadzi made the decision to make the debut of her One Woman Show in the country. The show was a financial success, and Makhadzi distributed a portion of the money it brought in to those who are less fortunate in the nation.

The show was supported by a lot of people, and there were a lot of people there. She had people who volunteered to put on her makeup and dress her for the show. They did both of those things for her. It was at this point that she realized Batswana had a profound love for her.

She has developed a very positive relationship with Batswana during the course of their time together. After a very highly successful performance in Botswana, she just made the announcement that she will be bringing her yearly One Woman Show back to her hometown in the near future. Regardless of how many people are looking forward to this show.

“The MAKHADZIONE Woman Show will take place at the Makhuva Stadium on October 1. This is my very first show in THOHOYANDOU venda laha tshiko Muroho, and I couldn’t be more excited! My singing career had its start on the streets of THOHOYANDOU and loustrichart, not to mention musina. My goal has always been to one day see myself putting on a show for my supporters at a major stadium or other larger venue.

To all of my fans, including the people who have supported my music when I first started singing in the treets, I respectfully ask that you purchase tickets and come to the show to show your support.

❤�������� . Always remember to share what you have with others. Ticket cheap cheap ndi uto renga utshilila !”

However, her previous performance in Botswana, which took place in the country, sparked a great deal of debate, and a great number of people are unhappy with the fact that she is taking her show to a different country rather than performing it in the city where she was born.

Despite the fact that many Batswana are less concerned with the people in Limpopo and South Africa who are criticizing her presentation, many people are still looking forward to seeing her perform in the future.

Makwena Makgakga, a well-known radio broadcaster in the province of Limpopo, wrote an open letter to Makhadzi in which she chastised her and urged her to reconsider the choice she had made regarding the location of her one-woman show in Botswana at the time.

It is not a good idea to have one woman perform in Botswana in order to give something back to the people there. Begin with the most impoverished region of your country. “Especially in Venda, there is an unacceptable amount of poverty there,” Makgakga stated.

The radio broadcaster also criticized Makhadzi for beginning her charitable work in a foreign nation and advised her to begin her work in Venda, which is where 95% of her bookings are made. Makhadzi’s charitable work is currently being done in Venda.

“I have approximately 25 learners who have traveled all the way to Limpopo in search of uniforms. Because of the cost of attendance, a significant percentage of our former students have withdrawn from the program. What kinds of things did they do to encourage your music in Botswana that we in Limpopo didn’t do? On December 16th, we showed up in large numbers to show our support for you, even though it was raining. He pleaded with her, “Khadzi, charity begins at home.”

She only turned to Botswana after she’d exhausted every option in her attempt to secure Peter Mokaba and Thohoyandou stadiums as possible venues for her one-woman show. In her response to the open letter, Makhadzi informed Makgakga that she is antagonistic to what he may believe, and that she only turned to Botswana after she’d exhausted every option.

“I have been trying to get Thohoyandou stadium and Peter Mokaba stadium, but no one is prepared to grant me a stadium,” the player said. Unless I’m speaking with the wrong folks, that is. Being the first woman in Limpopo to sell out a stadium would be the fulfillment of a lifelong ambition of mine. “Since the year 2019, I have been making an effort,” she remarked.

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