Kelly Khumalo’s case takes new twist as eyewitness spills the beans #SenzoMeyiwaTrial

The first eyewitness to testify in the trial of former Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa has described how the evening before Meyiwa was shot as appearing to be completely unremarkable. Meyiwa was the goalkeeper for both Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates.

Tumelo Madlala, one of Meyiwa’s closest friends, testified on Tuesday in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. The court is located in the city of Pretoria.

Because of the allegations that journalists hounded him after he arrived at the courthouse, his testimony had to be delayed.

The journalists who were responsible for the incident were given a written warning and barred from entering the courtroom for the day.

Madlala, once he had regained his composure, began his evidence by describing the nature of his and Meyiwa’s friendship.

Following the establishment of the foundation, he then began his testimony regarding the events that transpired on the day that Meyiwa was murdered at the residence of his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo in Vosloorus on October 26, 2014.

Madlala stated that Meyiwa picked him up in a BMW X6, according to his testimony.

Khumalo was sitting in the passenger seat, and her sister Zandi and another man, Mthokozisi Thwala, were in the backseat. Khumalo was in the front passenger seat.

They made a stop and purchased some whiskey before continuing on their way to Khumalo’s house. When they arrived at the residence, the four of them sat in the lounge, and Gladness, Khumalo’s mother, introduced herself to Madlala.

Madlala reported that their conversation went as follows: “He told me that it’s the mother of his woman and the one caring after the baby.”

Meyiwa and Khumalo are the parents of a child together.

According to the testimony provided by Madlala, they were drinking while watching football on television.

He recalled that Chelsea and Manchester United, two teams competing in the English Premier League, were facing off against each other.

Longwe Twala showed up when everyone was watching the game. At the time, Twala was seeing Zandi as a boyfriend.

According to Madlala, they did not speak to him very much because they were conversing to Zandi instead.

He went on to describe where everyone was seated in the room and added that even though Khumalo was moving around quite a bit, she was sitting next to Meyiwa the whole time.

After explaining to the judge that he had gone outside to smoke a cigarette, Madlala requested a short break from the proceedings.

The court went into an early recess for lunch.

After the judge ruled that the proceedings would not continue until all those responsible for the incident were identified and kicked out of the courtroom, the SABC, ENCA, and Newsroom Afrika were indeed kicked out of the courtroom, and then Tumelo Madlala took the witness box to give his testimony. He began by telling the court how he was picked up at Spruitview before they went to buy some drinks at a tavern, and then he explained what happened when they got to Kelly Khumalo

He also mentioned that he was introduced to everyone who was at the house, and when Longwe Thwala arrived a little bit later, he said that he did not speak much because Longwe was more focused on speaking to Zandi. Madlala said that when they arrived, they were watching a football match that was an EPL game between Manchester United and Chelsea. Madlala said that when they arrived, they were watching the match.

“While we were there, food was being prepared, and we were watching football matches between Chelsea and Manchester United. After a while, a gentleman arrived, and later on, Senzo told me who that Longwe Twala was. We didn’t speak much with this gentleman because he was speaking to Zandi,” he said. “While we were there, food was being prepared, and we were watching football matches between Chelsea and Manchester United.”

The witness, who is reportedly Meyiwa’s friend, went on to testify that while they were there, Kelly was not sitting in the same place the entire time; instead, she sat here, there, and at one point she was sitting on the floor. He then went outside to smoke with Mthoko and the two of them discussed the problem of the yard not having a gate.

“But Kelly was not seated in one place. She would also seat on the floor,” he continued before he asked the court for a five-minute break. “Myself and Mthoko went out to smoke and as I said the yard wall didn’t have a gate we just stood outside and smoked.”

The court granted Madlala the break he requested and then decided to adjourn for lunch. There is some good news coming with the lunch break since the court has decided to allow the live broadcast to resume after suspending the media. The court had previously decided to adjourn for lunch.

Senzo Meyiwa’s best friend testifies in court

One of Senzo Meyiwa’s closest friends has been revealed to be the state witness after the state’s claims that a witness who was present when Senzo was shot would appear in court to testify were challenged.

This morning, the trial will begin, and we can expect Tumelo Madlala to testify about everything he knows about the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Senzo Meyiwa.

Tumelo Madlala was only with Senzo for an hour when he was shot while on a visit. Kelly Khumalo’s mother hosted a dinner party, and everyone was there.

Tumelo was initially not allowed to attend Senzo’s funeral, but the family is now hoping he will provide some insight into the brutal murder.

Tumelo Madlala’s involvement in the case and whether or not his account will differ from those who were also in the house when Senzo was shot remain unknown at this time.

More drama at the Senzo Meyiwa trial: the judge kicks the media out because of what they did to the third witness.

The drama that has surrounded the trial for the murder of Senzo Meyiwa appears to be far from over, we are still going to see more drama, and we have been served with more of it as the court proceedings were delayed on Tuesday after the media chased the third witness as he arrived at the courtroom. He is then said to have been unhappy and felt unsafe, and when the matter was brought to the attention of Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela, he was furious. We have been served

When the prosecutor was arguing his case in front of the judge, he explained what had taken place and told the judge that the witness had become unsettled and terrified when the media started chasing him around upon his arrival. He also told the judge that it is unacceptable for the media to behave in the manner in which they did.

“He was practically followed with cameras by people who wanted to take his photo….And the fact that this occurred has frightened and troubled the witness.” This cannot be allowed to stand. It is intrusive and overbearing…it is a cause for serious concern. we request that guidelines be laid down, which is what he said. “It is this conduct by members of the media that might impact the state’s case,” he said. “It is a cause for serious concern.”

As a response to what took place, Judge Maumela issued an order stating that those responsible should be identified because what they did is unacceptable. In addition, he issued an order stating that those individuals should be ejected from the courtroom, and he assigned the responsibility of facilitating this matter to the court’s secretary.

“Those who are responsible should be identified; we cannot allow people to interfere with the proceedings of the court; that cannot be tolerated. Those who are responsible for this drama or whatever is affecting the witness are going to step out of this courtroom; I will ask the secretary of the court to run this; I have to be made aware of what is happening; given the choice between broadcasting and keeping the witness safe, I chose the latter; if I am told that they have ironed out the mat, I will resume broadcasting

South Africans who have been live streaming the court proceedings have been excluded from the proceedings since it was the media houses who were performing the live streaming before they were booted out of the courtroom. The hearings will resume on Tuesday since the third witness was unable to appear in court on Monday due to complications with his travel plans; specifically, he was unable to obtain a flight from Durban that would get him to Gauteng in time for the hearing.

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