Kelly is mired in scandals that never seems to go away. 

Kelly is mired in scandals that never seems to go away.

The question that has to be answered is whether or not her new words will be the beginning of her fall from grace or simply a scare tactic that we can ignore.

In light of recent happenings, South African actress and television personality Kelly Khumalo posted a message on her TikTok account to warn the rest of the world that her ancestors come from powerful lines.

See Kelly make her remark in the video that follows:

Kelly is mired in scandals that never seems to go away. 

Khumalo can be seen in the film uploaded to TikTok firing few warning bullets at men who are pulling her.

Khumalo issued a challenge to those who oppose her, warning them that they do so at their own risk.

The video was originally recorded in isiZulu, and News24 has provided an interpretation of it. The following was the content of her caution:

There is something I need you to know, and please do not disregard its significance. Every one of us has a place to call home, ancestors, and God. There are prayers that are more powerful than others, just as there are ancestors who are more powerful than others. Stop making other people’s children angry; you have no idea what we say to our ancestors or in our prayers. Stop making other people’s children angry. – Kelly Khumalo
In addition, Kelly issued a warning that people would not be able to avoid the wrath that was on its way because some ancestors and God had already acted in accordance with the situation.

These intimidating statements provoked a reaction across Twitter, as individuals took her words as a comedy despite the fact that she was trying to intimidate them. For some people, all it did was make them furious.

Kelly maintains a presence across all of her social media platforms and in the press, where she continues to disseminate her warnings.

Keep an eye out for further information regarding this celebrity who is currently the topic of much conversation.

Kelly Khumalo Sparks Discussion on Witchcraft and Ancestors

A video that appears to show songbird Kelly Khumalo engaging in some ancient rites by the riverside has sparked a heated discussion on social media about ancestors and witchcraft.

In the video, Kelly appears to be participating in a ceremony known as “Ukuya Emanzini,” which is a practice that is carried out by some individuals at the beginning of a new year.

It is not quite apparent who shot and published the video, nor is it known whether Kelly Khumalo gave permission for the recording of the private moment.

The gifted singer and well-known personality in the media has never concealed the fact that she has a strong spiritual practice and that she has come to terms with her ancestry.

She has published a number of images on social media platforms depicting her clad in the traditional garb associated with Sangomas. She is depicted in one of the pictures donning a traditional sangoma robe and a string of beads made of transparent crystal around her neck.

During an appearance on the show Podcast and Chill, hosted by Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho and Sol Phenduka on Channel O, Kelly revealed that in order for her baby daddy, Jub Jub, to see his kid, Christian, he must first sacrifice an animal and beseech her ancestors for forgiveness.

On the other hand, a contentious discussion on witchcraft and ancestors was sparked by the film that showed her executing a ritual by the riverside. Some people on social media have claimed that the video provides evidence that Kelly engages in muti, similar to what Jub Jub has claimed in the past. Others asserted that Kelly was attempting to ward off the ghost of her sick lover, Senzo Meyiwa, in order to keep herself out of jail and prevent him from visiting her there.

On the other hand, there were those on social media who refuted the claim that Kelly was using muti or participating in any rites related with witchcraft. They maintained that many people of African descent who are in touch with their African spirituality and ancestors participate in certain rites without ever engaging in witchcraft, and that this is the case for many of those people. In addition to this, they questioned the common perception that ancestral worship is synonymous with witchcraft.

A number of users on Twitter addressed the question, “Why do some people record such private rites that are meant to be regarded as sacred and personal?” The following are some of the responses that people on social media have given to the films that show Kelly Khumalo carrying out various rituals:

Kelly is mired in scandals that never seems to go away. 

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