Izinja ze Mpilo Ma! Blaq Diamond is trending for the wrong reasons

It has been alleged that the South African pop duo Blaq Diamond ate out without paying the bill.

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Musa Khawula, a blogger who specializes in spreading rumors and gossip, was the one who broke the news by stating that the two individuals had a lunch date at a restaurant known as The Pavilion, where they enjoyed their meals and drinks but were unable to match up the bill.

A receipt supporting Musa’s claims that the bill was “a little over R8500” was posted online, revealing that the bill was actually R8760 and was obviously addressed to the musical pair. Musa’s statements were backed up by the fact that the receipt was posted.

Blaq Diamond is trending for the wrong reasons

Their previous music label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, is making the most of the unfortunate situation that has befallen the duo and is having a field day with it.

They have started leaving comments making fun of their “ex-partners,” which is hilarious.

Since quitting Ambitiouz Entertainment, members of Blaq Diamond Ndumiso Mdletshe and Sphelele Dunywa have claimed that they are now working as solo musicians.

The Summer Yomuthi hitmakers explained their decision to part ways with the record label in December 2021 during a recent episode of Podcast and Chill. They stated that they wanted to expand their market.

“The option to continue using the label or to choose growth was presented. We prioritized expansion over all other goals because we hoped to penetrate the African market one day. There was a significant gap between our vision and theirs in every respect. It was no longer symmetrical. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them. Sphelele stated that all they wanted to do was go shoot on the opposite side.

After award-winning singer Sjava played the song for Ambitiouz Entertainment around the same time that A-Reece and other artists were leaving the firm, the music duo that won a Sama for Best New Artist revealed that they signed to the label within the next 48 hours.

Blaq Diamond has stated that they have a positive relationship with the label and are open to the possibility of collaborating with them.

“We made it a point to have attorneys there at all times. Even though we were leaving Ambitiouz, we still needed to hire lawyers in order to settle everything, they claimed.

Blaq Diamond is trending for the wrong reasons

Blaq Diamond have their sights set on conquering the world and are now working on an album with the anticipation of being featured on records from other countries.

Ilanga is the name of the song that was featured in the music video that the two celebrities, Sol Phenduka and Mac G, released.

It has been quite some time since the musicians have provided their supporters with new songs.

They made the announcement on their Instagram account, “We’re now autonomous and have returned to running our own business in its entirety.”

Within the first 14 hours after the video was uploaded, they had had amassed more than 70,000 views as of the time this post was published.

In response to the announcement, a number of people have taken to the timeline on Twitter to compliment Blaq Diamond on the progress they have made since entering the music industry ten years ago.

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