Here is a top list of the the worst dressed SA Celebs at the 2022 SAFTA

When Mzansi celebs are given the opportunity to show off their wonderful sense of style, it is always a resplendent and tempting event. Celebrities were all over social media last night, posting pictures from the SAFTA awards ceremony that they attended.

The event took place the previous evening. Everyone turned out nicely enough to be recognized for their skill in the craft. Even if the majority of people were exquisitely dressed, a couple of them also had their fair share of fashion fails. You’ll be the one to decide which celebs at the SAFTA awards had the greatest and worst outfits, as we’ve provided photographs of both.

Here is a top list of the the worst dressed SA Celebs at the 2022 SAFTA

Palesa Tembe and Lasizwe Dambuza hosted the glitzy red carpet at this year’s SAFTAs, even though the ceremony itself was held online. Celebrities dressed to the nines for the event. The ceremony for the 2022 SAFTA Awards was lit as practically every famous person looked their absolute best; it seems that everybody got the memo.

Connie Chiume, a legendary actress from Gomora, provided glitz and elegance on the red carpet by wearing a stunning purple outfit. She looked great, even though she was up against younger actors like Mvelo Makhanya, who wore a royal blue dress with a thigh vent that was emphasized in the outfit.

At the 2022 SAFTA awards, these are the celebs who looked their best and worst dressed.

Actors from Diep City also showed there, but they did not look anything like the roles they play on stage. We can all agree that Nox (also known as Nozuko Ntshangase) was one of the best-dressed celebrities when she wore an ensemble that was influenced by Nigerian culture.

Mzansi was also set ablaze by actress Zola Nombona, who wore a gold dress with a large cut that revealed her legs. When Zola attends ceremonies, she never misses a beat in terms of getting the memo. Her styling team and makeup crew are experts at what they do, and Mzansi was pleading with her to reveal the members of the team that works their magic on her.

Your hairstylist is talented and consistently works wonders on you. Could you kindly share their information with me? They are effective in the role that they play. You are smoking, sweetie; you remind me of a furnace.

As the host of the red carpet event, Laziswe was dressed to impress in a two-toned suit, which she accessorized with high boots and heels. Mzansi was left swooning over him because of how well-put-together his attire looked. Candice arrived at the party wearing a dress the color sky blue with a front slit that was quite long. She looked like an angel who had been cast down from heaven.

In addition, Mamuela Mahuwa attended the SAFTAs to represent Muvhango. She looked stunning in the maroon dress that she wore, which brought out her natural beauty. Nearly everyone who attended the wedding appeared to be ready for a fight. Please enjoy these additional pictures of the famous people who were present at the SAFTA awards in 2022.

Makhadzi criticizes the SAMAs for their “sabotage” and swears that she would no longer be a part of the organization in the future.

Without a doubt, the South African Music Awards 2022 are making a variety of headlines for a variety of unfavorable reasons. In the midst of all, African Queen Makhadzi has called into question the awards after they purposefully undermined her success.

Everyone was taken aback by her lackluster performance at the SAMAs, despite the fact that she is widely regarded as one of the most talented performing acts in Africa and the entire world.

Mzansi was well aware of the fact that she was not wanted at the awards, but due to her influence, they had no choice but to bring her along.

Recently, she has been the target of multiple slights that have escalated into battles on social media. In the midst of what seemed to be more than an embarrassing performance that took a toll on her great career, Makhadzi took it upon herself to take to Twitter in order to confront what appeared to be complete sabotage of her career.

Makhazi shared the news that she was through with the SAMAs in tweets that have since been deleted. She disclosed that they did not provide her with the opportunity to properly rehearse, and she disclosed that she practiced on her cell phone. She went into a rampage while attempting to explain what had taken place.

“In order to get my choreography, I practiced while using a telephone on the stage. I begged to have a dress rehearsal with the camera guys so that they could read my moves, but no one paid attention to what I had to say. I requested cigarettes and pyrotechnics, but they only made promises without actually delivering them. But I remained a queen.”

Makhadzi has spoken out against the SAMAs following what she calls their “sabotage” of her performance.

Despite this, Makhadzi went on to take a jab at the SAMAs and said that she was distancing herself from them in order to concentrate her attention on recording songs solely for her fans.

“The prize I received was a blessing from my forefathers. I have no doubt that the individual who changed the name will be terminated tomorrow. No longer do I wish to be considered for summer awards (SAMA). I want to create my music with the intention of uploading it on YouTube so that my listeners can buy my music and support me without bias.

However, she did not delete one tweet. She claimed in the same tweet that she was only given five minutes to prepare for the SAMAs, although she claimed that other people were given a significant amount of time to prepare. In addition to that, she stated that they desired for her to perform their choreography rather than hers.

“The issue began when I declined their choreography since I always prefer to perform with my own dancers. This is what caused the conflict in the first place. But the most important thing is why you are only giving the other people limitless time to rehearse while you are just giving me five minutes. woman stated that she saw him “rehearsing with a cellphone in front of the band.”

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