Heartbroken & Unemployed Unathi Nkayi struggles to move on, fresh details emerge

Idols South Africa has been riding a wave of popularity in Mzansi ever since it was revealed that they will be replacing Unathi Nkayi and Randall Abrahams with a new judging panel.

Idols South Africa, a South African version of the American reality singing competition, has announced Thembi Seete, JR, and Somizi Mhlongo as the judges for its 18th season. The decision did not go over well with viewers of the show because they were accustomed to seeing Somizi, Unathi, and Randall serving as the judges for the competition.

Heartbroken & Unemployed Unathi Nkayi struggles to move on, fresh details emerge

Due to the fact that the new panel of judges was able to win over Mzansi despite the immense amount of pressure they were under, it is safe to claim that they have successfully filled the large shoes that were previously occupied. While Mzansi is getting used to the new judges on Idols SA, the former judge Unathi Nkayi is now stalking Thembi Seete, who took her place on the show. Unathi Nkayi was replaced by Thembi Seete.

Unathi Nkayi follows the judges of Idols South Africa and sends a private message to Thembi Seete.

Thembi Seete gave her followers an exclusive look at what went down behind the scenes at Idols yesterday by posting her images to Instagram and sharing them with them. She penned an appreciative caption to accompany each of her images, which read as follows:

Heartbroken & Unemployed Unathi Nkayi struggles to move on, fresh details emerge

Unathi went to Thembi Seete’s post and commented on it, which caused Mzansi to begin discussing the topic. Many people believe that Unathi is following Thembi about because she is envious of her and wants to know her every move.

Unathi’s comment on Thembi Seete’s post elicits responses from Mzansi social media users.

Mzansi reacted in a variety of different ways to the comment that Unathi made on Thembi Seete’s page. Unathi’s fans have seen that she is in a hopeless situation, and she really wants to get her work back. Another comment was made as follows:

Are you genuinely pleased to see her on Idol, or are you just trying to get closer to her? Mami, you have to come to terms with the fact that you and Idols SA are no longer a part of this world and move on with your life.

While some were pleased that Unathi is showing support for Thembi seete, others were thrilled because:

The women are rallying around one another, and as a result, we are advancing. The maximum possible level of development

In January 2022, Unathi was let go from her position on Idol, and she later verified the news on her Twitter account. Unathi was not prepared to say goodbye to American Idol, as seen by the comment she made when she left the competition, but fate had other plans for her. Taking to Instagram, she said:

Oh man! We are grateful for your love and support of South Africa and of our wonderful continent, Africa. Please give me permission to honor you. You have been compassionate, loving, and completely involved in this relationship. You are truly the genuine energy and heartbeat of a magnificent wave of hope and dreams coming true on Idol, and while you accomplish that, you have made both of my dreams and the dreams of everyone else on the show come true. I AM GRATEFUL.

to each and every competitor who appeared in front of us. From those who had the courage to tell us their dreams and aspirations. The act of doing that in front of everyone to see is not something that I take lightly at all. An honor that will be with me forever. I am grateful that you chose to have me serve as one of your judges. To those who caused me to cry at an entirely new level, while I was significantly pregnant with Baby Idols competing for Wooden Mic, I want to say thank you for the laughter and the joy…

“This position is subject to a significant amount of criticism.” – Thembi Seete on her participation in Idols South Africa

After Unathi Nkayi and Randall Abrahams revealed their intention to step down from their judging roles, one of the show’s most popular judges, Somizi Mhlongo, returned to the panel.

The multi-talented pop culture star Thembi Seete and the rapper and producer JR Bogopa are going to be filling the two seats that were previously vacant.

Fans adored Thembi’s bubbly energy, constructive criticism, and helpful nuggets of advice for the show’s performers, and she was given a warm welcome when she served as a guest judge in the 17th season of Idols South Africa. Thembi is no stranger to sitting in the judge’s chair; in fact, she has done so before.

When I was a guest judge the year before, I had the best time ever. I had no idea that it was going to set me up for something even more significant. “I was just having a good time and being myself, and I was completely ignorant that people were watching and analyzing every move that I made,” she adds.

“It’s great to be back here for good this time,” the person said.

She is thrilled to be joining the Idols South Africa judging panel, but at the same time, she cannot help but feel a little anxious.

There are no words that can adequately convey how I am feeling. I am ecstatic, thrilled, and I still can’t believe I was selected to be one of the judges in this competition. “It still seems like a dream, and I keep waiting for someone to snap me out of it,” Thembi explains to Drum.

She never, ever, ever put herself in such a precarious situation.

“It’s a place that seems so far from my dreams,” she adds.

She has nearly twenty years of experience working in the field.

“I never thought I’d get an opportunity like this, so I’m also very nervous because it’s a big show and it’s been doing well for many years,” she said. “I never thought I’d get an opportunity like this.” There are a lot of people watching, and many are rooting for me, so all I can do is hope and pray that God would give me the power to perform to the best of my abilities and to shine.

When she initially received the phone call, she immediately informed her younger brother, Moagi Seete.

“I told my brother the excellent news first and then my manager. I simply did not have the strength to face such a burden. My manager had to scramble to get caught up on everything because it was such big news.

She was required to keep the secret for a month, but she told the individuals who were most important to her in order to get the burden off her chest.

She really misses having her mother around to witness her success.

Because my brother is the member of my family to whom I am closest after the passing of my mother, I felt it necessary to inform him of the wonderful news along with other people in whose judgment I place a great deal of trust and who look out for my best interests. However, I struggled mightily to keep the secret to myself.

As soon as she found out that she would be a judge alongside JR and Somizi, she experienced a sense of belonging.

“JR is someone who I have known for a very long time. I have always been a big fan of his work because he is such a talented producer. I have been listening to his music and supporting him as an artist ever since I participated in the dance show Jika Ma Jika. She claims that ever since the popularity of his song “Make the Circle Bigger” back in the day, she has been a devoted follower of his work.

“I was also excited to hear that Somizi is back,” she says. “I haven’t seen her in a while.”

“Somizi and I have been close all our lives, and we have collaborated on a wide variety of projects. He used to be a member of Boom Shaka’s crew and accompany them on tours in the past. According to Thembi, Somizi and the late Boom Shaka member Lebo Mathosa were very close to one another and remained friends after he passed away.

“I have no doubt that the other guys and I will constitute a formidable squad.”

Thembi does not have a game plan before the program begins.

“It actually is dependent on the circumstances. I am unable to say for certain if I will be the compassionate and understanding judge. It is very dependent on the circumstances and what I am able to observe at the given moment in front of my eyes.

On the other hand, I’m going to make an effort to be straightforward, have fun, and avoid being pretentious. I am a very outgoing person, and I refuse to let that aspect of myself fade away. That’s what helps me stay calm throughout the day. Therefore, I’ve decided to be as authentic as possible and offer whatever assistance I can.

The pressure to make the right decision when there are millions of people watching and thousands of people competing can be overwhelming.

She explains, “You know life needs to have balance, and even if this position comes with a lot of criticism, you have to live your life.”

It is impossible to live a life in which the only response you get to anything you do is praise and compliments all the time. I also need to learn to roll with the punches, absorb the criticism, truly pay attention to it, and use it to improve myself as much as possible without getting emotionally invested in the situation or letting it break my heart. The key is to listen to constructive feedback, put effort into improving upon it, and do better the following time “she says.

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