GogoSkhotheni Opens Her Sacred Huts But Mzansi Spotted This Instead.

The Ndumbas (Sacred Huts) of GogoSkhotheni were opened, but Mzansi noticed something more.

The Ndumbas (holy homes) of Tumi, a sangoma, were open, and the audience could not help but notice something unusual about the main hunt. With each new episode of Gogo Skhotheni, we learn more about her and her personal life. Gogo Skhotheni has received negative feedback from its audience due to a few of the show’s strategies.

South African sangoma and healer Tumi has opened the sacred houses she constructed for her ancestors in the most recent episode of Gogo Skhotheni, which airs on MojaLoveTv channel 157.

Mzansi has been saying that Tumi is inconsiderate and just cares about making herself and her hubby feel special. Those who witness the statue Tumi placed in the main sacred hut are convinced she engages in witchcraft.

Tumi said from the beginning that she is constructing Ndumbas (holy huts) in a remote place, away from people, so that no one will see her doing anything unexpected. Each Ndumbas (holy home) she constructs bears the names of her ancestors, including those of her grandpa.

Tumi has told her initiates that the sacred huts are off-limits, and that if they do go in, they must not reveal the contents. Tumi has claimed that the sacred huts are a hiding place for herself and other consultants. You must not visit certain sacred huts while you are on your period, and you must not take any of the money you come across, lest you go insane.

Many people are curious as to the statue’s purpose in the central Ndumbas plaza (sacred huts). After hearing that he is Tumi’s male grandfather, some have speculated that he is in fact Gogo Skhotheni.

Reality television celebrity, entrepreneur, and traditional healer Gogo Skhotheni was born in South Africa and is currently 29 years old. In addition to that, she is a Gobela and a leader in the community.

The reality show Gogo Skhotheni, which airs on DStv’s Moja Love channel, has made the television personality famous.

She addresses the topic of polyandry during the presentation. Due to the fact that she has two spouses, she is equipped with fundamental polyandry knowledge and experience.

Sangoma, businessperson, and Gobela with amathwasa are all titles that may be ascribed to Gogo Skhotheni.

The Context of the Situation

Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng Shange is her whole name.
Alternately Known As: Gogo Skhotheni
The age is 29 years old
Origin: eMbalenhle, Mpumalanga
South African is one’s nationality.
Spouse: 2sChildren: 2
Reality television personality, successful businessperson, and a traditional healer by trade.
Instagram profiles and the following telephone number: 0607217162
Website: www.gogoskhotheni.co.za

In the Beginning
Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng Shange had her birth name changed to Gogo Skhotheni. She was born and raised in the town of eMbalenhle, which is located in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa.

Career Patricia is a multidimensional individual who is successful in business, a Sangoma, and a Gobela who possesses amathwasa. She communicates with the dead, both recent and ancient.

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The Sango has been of assistance to a great number of people who present with a variety of issues, including physical and emotional ones. Additionally, she is a manufacturer and retailer of beauty items. These items are accessible to everyone and can be utilized by any individual.

She claims that using these things can help bring about good fortune and clear out negative spirits.

In the year 2021, Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng established the cosmetic line known as Gogo Skhotheni. Her office is located in Harrismith, which is located in South Africa.

People are going to be helped with the issues that they are having by using traditional herbs with these items. The following are some of her products:

Isiwasho combo
Mphepho Tea is a multipurpose cleaner tea designed for men, and it has many other uses as well.
Charges for consultations
Gogo Skhotheni’s consultation fee is merely R15, which is a significant difference from the R1,000 that the majority of sangomas in South Africa charge. She claims that her forefathers gave her guidance.

Personal Life

The family unit consisting of Patricia, her husband, and their daughter.
Gogo Skhotheni ended up marrying not one but two different guys. Around three years ago, she tied the knot with the man who would become her first husband, and the couple now has a daughter and a son. She had a vision in which she was given the advice to wed once more. However, her first husband wasn’t pleased with the situation at first.

When Patricia was in school, she first met her second husband. They had been seeing one other for a year before deciding to end their relationship. After school, she continued to have glimpses of him, but she tried to push them out of her mind. These images persisted up until the point where she was forced to take action.

According to the traditional healer, she plans to continue living with her first husband and will continue to answer to his name. Her spouses each have their own homes and visit her and their children at certain times.

Social Profiles
Gogo Skhotheni is quite active on social media, and she has uploaded photographs to those platforms that showcase her profession as well as her lifestyle. She provides photographic evidence of her sections on traditional healing. She has amassed a significant following, as seen by her more than 264 thousand followers.

Contact details
On Instagram, the traditional healer’s fans and followers have the ability to send her a private message. Others who wish to get in touch with her via WhatsApp or phone can do so by dialing the following number: 0607217162. The address mampedipatricia@gmail.com can be used to contact her.


Since he began working as a sangoma more than a decade ago, Gogo Skhotheni has amassed a sizeable income for himself. She is financially independent thanks to activities like as consulting, product sales, reality programs, and others. Her company is valued tens of millions of South African Rand.

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