Gogo Skhotheni got married. Here’s the groom.

The traditional healer who has been the subject of controversy is now known as Mrs. Shange!

Gogo Skhotheni made the announcement on Facebook that Monde Shange, her boyfriend and the father of her two children, had paid lobola for her. Monde Shange is also the father of Gogo’s children. The African faith dictates that now that she has received the Lobola, she must accept Monde’s surname and is completely Monde’s wife.

It is possible to see both her family and Monde’s in the images that she uploaded on Facebook. Additionally, her father was present with them. She added in the post, “Abo Shange boDumakude thank you for finally coming home to make me uMakoti wenu (your bride) I am humbled.” [Translation:] “Thank you for finally coming home to make me your bride.”

Gogo Skhotheni gained widespread attention after she stated that her ancestors had compelled her to wed a second husband, despite the fact that Monde was already in the picture. Her second boyfriend’s identity was eventually exposed on the reality show Gogo Skhotheni on Moja Love that she hosted. It turned out to be a former high school boyfriend or girlfriend of hers. The reality show has been subjected to a substantial amount of criticism, with many individuals claiming that it is staged.

Polyandrous Sangoma Gogo Skhotheni Admits That She Employed the “Umuthi” Method on Her Second Husband

As Shockingly Polyandrous Sangoma, the Shocker Gogo Skhotheni Admits That She Employed the “Umuthi” Method on Her Second Husband

Following her recent confession that she had used umuthi on her second spouse, controversial sangoma and reality personality Gogo Skhotheni has left Mzansi in a state of shock.

Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng, better known by her stage name Gogo Skhotheni, recently wed a man who is not her first husband. She and her first husband, who is known as Mr. Shange, have been married for two years.

In an interview with TimesLive, Gogo Skhotheni discussed her polyandrous relationship, in which she had two husbands, and said that she was required to perform a ritual in which she gave her second husband isidliso.

Gogo Skhotheni has admitted that she had an affair with her second husband when she was using umuthi.
Together with her first husband, Mr. Shange, Gogo Skhotheni (Image Credit: Facebook)
She claimed that her second husband’s jealousy was the impetus behind her decision to resort to using umuthi on him.

“I had no choice but to [give him isdliso] because he was being so envious, and I needed to calm him down so that he could still comprehend that I am the one who makes the decisions… Because it is necessary for them to get along with one another, it is impossible for me to accomplish this task without the assistance of umuthi.

Gogo Skhotheni defended herself by stating that all she was doing was deepening the existing love between the two of them. She went on to say that in order to keep their love going strong, the ritual was something that had to be performed by her. She compared what she was doing to the process of preparing meat and seasoning it.

“It’s not about beginning a new love; rather, it’s about ukwandisa (strengthening) the love that already exists, and all you’re doing is adding some flavor to it.” It’s similar to cooking meat and then seasoning it after it’s been cooked.

You’re putting a mark on it to make sure it’s a lifetime thing, and I don’t want to leave it because I don’t want to lose it. They already have that love, but you make it strong so that it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s not like you’re giving someone something they don’t know they don’t know.

Gogo Skhotheni disclosed in her discussion of her second husband that, despite the fact that her ancestors had told her who her second husband would be, she had known him for a very long time, had fallen in love with him, and had cheated on him during their relationship.

At the moment, she maintains separate households with each of her husbands.

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