Gogo Maweni reveals secret why she domesticates snakes

Mzansi is mystified by Gogo Maweni’s assortment of unusual pets, particularly her snakes. There is no question that she has been popular as of late.

When she was accused of casting a spell on the star actor of The Black Door, SK Khoza, she was catapulted into the public eye. However, ever since that time, she has achieved a certain level of fame. Gogo Maweni, who has since gained a huge following, was undoubtedly introduced to Mzansi as a result of the scandals that surrounded SK Khoza.

Gogo Maweni reveals secret why she domesticates snakes

Gogo Maweni distanced herself from the drama and clarified the cryptic Instagram post that led Mzansi to believe she bewitched The Queen’s actor.

Gogo Maweni reveals secret why she domesticates snakes

Despite being fingered as the cause of SK Khoza’s problems, Gogo Maweni distanced herself from the situation. Mzansi has been able to put together the pieces of the puzzle that make up her life as a result of her sudden rise to fame.

She is popular and has expensive jewelry. It is interesting to note that she leads a lavish lifestyle and is not embarrassed to show it. However, despite everything that has been going on, she has found a way to get us inside her mansion in Sandton, where she lives, and has shown us the strange animals that she keeps there.

Mzansi is mystified by Gogo Maweni’s collection of unusual pets, which includes snakes.

Gogo Maweni reveals secret why she domesticates snakes

Lee Ann Gogo Maweni Makopo is the proud owner of a number of reptiles, including rabbits, owls, and snakes. She is rumored to have plans to acquire hyenas as well, though these claims have not been verified. Even the news that one of her snakes was not feeling well helped her rise to the top of the trending topics. Let’s get into her unusual animals, shall we?

Kaddafi, Escobar, and Zara are the names of three of the snakes that belong to Gogo Maweni, who is the proud owner of at least five different species of snakes.

Gogo Maweni shared on one of the episodes of her reality show that she was an animal lover and that the snakes in her home were merely pets for her. The sangoma is not bashful about showing off her affection for the unique animals she keeps as pets; she frequently posts photos of herself on social media with either of her snakes draped around her neck.

Despite the fact that Gogo Maweni has frequently distanced herself from the widespread belief that people who own snakes use them for their “wealth-giving” abilities, a recent Instagram video of the reality star using one of her snakes in one of her rituals shows the snake lying in a pile of coins at some point in the video. The video was posted on Maweni’s Instagram account.

The video left her fans perplexed, and they took to the comments section to express their perplexity. A few of her fans inquired as to the purpose of the snake’s presence in the Ndumba and whether or not the snake was merely a pet at any point.



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