‘From killing people to killing bars,’ Big Zulu confesses to being a murderer in the past.

Before successfully establishing himself as a prominent figure in the South African music industry, Big Zulu spent a great deal of time working his way up the ranks. He also achieved success in the music industry by becoming a judge on the SABC 1 show OneMic and releasing several successful singles. In a recent interview, the question of whether or not he has ever been responsible for the death of a person was posed to him. The fact that Big Zulu refers to himself as Inkabi is likely what led the person who asked this query.

Many people were taken aback when the Imali Eningi hitmaker claimed to having previously killed another person. Big Zulu didn’t want to go into details, however. He dismissed it as something that had occurred in the past and something that belonged there. He said it was irrelevant.

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Big Zulu is known to call himself Inkabi by a good number of his listers as well as by the general population of Mzansi. The term “hired assassin” or “hitman” comes from the Zulu language and is referred to as “inkabi.” Hip-hop artists giving themselves names that are deemed offensive is not an uncommon practice. Rap artists all across the world refer to themselves as murderers and other types of violent offenders, but this is meant to be a metaphor. Big Zulu was a slang term indicating that he was an actual killer.

Inkabi Nation

Before hearing the interview, many people had the impression that Inkabi Nation was just a common term. People of all ages, including adults, children, teenagers, moms, uncles, and grandparents, are among his devoted followers, and for many years, these individuals believed that he received the term “Taxi” from the transportation sector. Will people find him less appealing now that it’s been exposed that it came from a more sinister place?

Driving a cab and working in the taxi industry

There is a perception that taxi drivers are notorious and non-compliant, and this stigma sometimes follows them. Before the Inhlupheko rapper came forth with his confession that he was a murderer, he was first known as someone who worked as a cab driver in the beginning of his career. Many people were under the impression that his name originated from that setting.

The prevalence of violent behavior in the taxi sector is another another aspect that cannot be overlooked. There are sometimes strikes, drivers argue with one another over routes, and cab operators profit from the situation. When all other options have been exhausted, murder is sometimes the only option left to resolve competition between owners.

Some people have been witnesses to horrifying events such as shootouts between taxi operators, innocent citizens being killed accidentally, and some drivers killing to defend themselves. Some of these events have occurred in New York City. Since there is a low likelihood of conviction for crimes committed during taxi wars, it’s possible that Big Zulu lost his life during his earlier days, before he became famous.

See Big Zulu admit to having killed someone in the video that follows:

Big Zulu’s Biography

Siyabonga Nene, better known by his stage name Big Zulu, is a rapper, songwriter, and actor from South Africa. He is 36 years old and is best known for his inkabi-style of rapping.
His birthday is April 7th, 1986, and he spent his childhood in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, which is also his birthplace. The rap musician worked as a cab driver in the beginning of his career, but in 2009 he made the transition into the music industry.
Since then, Big Zulu has recorded a number of hit rap songs, including Lomhlaba Unzima, Ushun Wenkabi, 100 Bars, Ang’Mazi Umama, Big Zulu Ama Million, Billion (Ama million remix), and more.
Isibaya, a well-known soap opera in South Africa, included him in an episode at one point.

Full Name: Siyabonga Nene
Stage Name: Big Zulu
Date of Birth: April 7th, 1986 (age 36 years old)
Bergville is the place of birth.
Province Of Origin: KwaZulu Natal
South African is one’s nationality.
Girlfriend/Wife: Lebogang Makenete
Rapper and TV Personality are His Occupations
Value upon completion: $200,000

A Brief History

Siyabonga Nene, better known by his stage as Big Zulu, was born on April 7th, 1986 in Bergville, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. His parents did not come from a wealthy background and struggled to supply their family with even the most fundamental of comforts.
As a consequence of this, Big Zulu was a very hard worker, which was a quality that won him the affection of his neighbors and the childhood friends he had.

He spent his childhood exposed to music like as Maskandi and Scathamiya, and he looked up to musicians such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Phuzekemisi, and Imithende.


At school, Big Zulu was not the most intelligent student in his group. After finishing his elementary education, he got a job driving a taxi. In later years, he developed a strong appreciation for rap music.


Big Zulu gave up his employment as a cab driver in 2009 in order to devote himself full-time to his music career, having developed a significant passion for Inkabi rap music.

Because he possessed such preeminent skill in the field, he was able to triumph in the rap competition that was hosted by ‘Back to the City’ in the year 2013. He was also given the title of King of Rap.

By 2015, Big Zulu has become more established within the rap music industry. In South Africa during that year, he was considered to be a top-tier rapper. After meeting with Ntokozo Sithole, he was offered a contract with Universal Music Records and accepted it.
He has collaborated with other musicians like as Damien Marley, Kwesta, Sjava, and Zakwe, recording successful tunes such as 100 Bars, Ang’Mazi Umama, Big Zulu Ama Million, Billion (Ama million remix), Lomhlaba Unzima, and Ushun Wenkabi.
In more recent years, Big Zulu has appeared in a number of television soap operas, including appearances in the shows Isibaya, Uzalo, and Isithembiso.

Personal Life

Big Zulu, a rapper from South Africa, is romantically involved with Lebogang Makenete.
Additionally, he is a parent to two little ones. His daughter was born from his most recent connection, while his son Shaka was born from his relationship with Bulelwa Nazo.
In 2018, Big Zulu was taken into custody in Gauteng on the suspicion that he had physically assaulted the woman who was the mother of one of his children. The episode received criticism from a significant number of his devoted followers.
He is currently living in Newtown with the woman he is dating and their children.
Value in money
The time spent by Big Zulu in the rap industry has resulted in lucrative financial opportunities. His level of influence has allowed him to amass a net worth of $200,000 in recent years.

Social Media

Instagram- bigzulu sa
Twitter- BigZulu ZN
Facebook- @BigZulu
TikTok- Nil
Snapchat- Nil
Phone Number- 0813401356

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