Former “Gomora” actress Bukiwe Keva recently purchased a Mercedez for R1.5 million.

According to Intarez.com, well-known actress Bukiwe Keva, who was supposedly let go from her role as Asanda in Mzansi Magic’s Gomora, recently purchased a Mercedes-Benz for the price of R1.5 million.

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On Thursday, September 1, the outstanding actress Bukiwe Keva, who portrayed a high school bully named Asanda in the film Gomora, posted a photo to her Instagram account in which she displayed her Mercedez CLA A45s, which are valued at R1.5 million.

Keva shared a video of herself picking up the car from the dealership, and she captioned the video as follows:

“Thank you so much for your wonderful congratulations, calls, posts, and most importantly, your love,” the statement read. I really appreciate it, you guys.

The actress became a topic of discussion in the media in August after it was reported that Seriti Productions, the firm responsible for producing Gomora, had allegedly fired her via a text message sent through WhatsApp.


According to the close friends of the actress who spoke with City Press, the production company sacked the actress because she was late to a set shot.

“She did not show up for a shoot, and she explained that the reason why was because she was ill and could not make it to the set. They have a note from the doctor proving that she was absent from work due to illness on the day in question.

Keva, who has not been seen on the set of the Mzansi Magic drama since the second season, was reportedly warned not to return to production two weeks ago.

They (the production team) informed her through text message on Monday that she was not permitted to attend. It was upsetting for her because she had just gotten back from the hospital and was resting at home when she got the text message. She has suffered an injustice, and as a result, she is inconsolable.

However, a source close to the telenovela revealed to the tabloid that the actress would soon be leaving the show. The source explained that the actress was a call actor and did not have a permanent contract with the production.

“They normally communicate scheduling matters, rosters, shoot changes, and production-related matters on WhatsApp because it’s the easiest form of communication these days,” said the source, “but I highly doubt that they fired her through a text message because that is not procedure on the show.” WhatsApp is the easiest form of communication these days.

The contract that Bukiwe was under was for a call actor. Her personality was tied to the plot of the novel, and that plot has now been wrapped up. The statement said that “working with Bukiwe was a pleasure, and we wish her the best of luck in the future.”

Keva is the third performer this season to depart the show, following in the footsteps of actors Zolisa Xaluva and Ama Qamata, who respectively portrayed the roles of Melusi Dlamini and Buhle Ndaba.


A few weeks ago, Bukiwe Keva was let go from her role as Asanda in the television show Gomora, and things were looking quite bleak for her before she left to find some happiness in Zimbabwe. According to the urban legend, Bukiwe was terminated from her job via a message sent to her Whatsapp account after he failed to show up for work.

Later, Bukiwe disclosed that she had been ill and even obtained a medical record from her attending physician; however, this did not assist her in any way. It was like that when Bukiwe lost her work, but she is already making the most of the opportunity.

When someone loses their work, especially if they are famous, they typically enter a period of recovery during which they hide from the public eye and focus on rebuilding their private lives with their families.

That is not how Bukiwe is at all; rather, she is more like a tough lady who played on Gomora. She is too busy to be concerned about whether or not she will keep her job. Asanda is being Asanda and doing what she does best, which is bully the situation, crush the lemons, and make lemonade out of it. Asanda booked a trip to the world-famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and spent her time there having the good time she deserved.

Asanda Bukiwe Keva, who was fired from her role on Gomora, is currently busking in Zimbabwe.

It seemed as though Bukiwe had been quite busy filming sequences at Gomora, and she was eager to take some time off. In spite of the fact that he was only a supporting role, Bukiwe put in a lot of effort, and as a result, he became a crowd favorite in Gomora. She collaborated extensively with seasoned actors such as ‘Xolisa Xaluva’ Melusi, who played the school principal, and Gladys ‘Thembi Seete,’ who played the school counselor.

As a result of Bukiwe’s departure from Gomora, she is free to lead the peaceful life she has always desired. She packed her bags and headed to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, where she had the time of her life.

Along the Great Zambezi River on the international boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia is where you’ll find one of the greatest waterfalls in the world: Victoria. A gray safari costume, appropriate for the Zambezi region, was seen on Bukiwe when she appeared. She went on a tour of the falls and took stunning photographs and videos of the living Mzansi that were astonished. Being at the Victoria Falls in the summer was, in point of fact, the best possible environment in which to refocus and revitalize oneself.

Asanda, the character that Bukiwe Keva played on Gomora, was exceptional.

Asanda was a bully at Gomora High School and frequently got into fights with popular girls like Sibongile’ Nandipa Khubone’ and Gugu’ Velile Makhoba’. Gomora was the planet where Asanda lived. Because she was such a bother to the majority of the fan favorites in Gomora, she quickly became a topic of conversation in many households.

Many fans were reminded of the wrestling legend Randy Orton, who rose to fame by sabotaging the career of the fan favorite John Cena. Asanda’s dirty tactics had a similar effect. She portrayed that persona, and as a result, she won the affection of a large number of fans.

The actual age of ASANDA from GOMORA surprises viewers.

Actress and singer Bukiwe Keva is one of the most impressive actresses now working in the entertainment industry. She is well recognized for the part of Asanda that she performed on the television show Gomora. She has starred in numerous shows, but the most significant role she has played to far is in this one. Her performances have enthralled many who have seen her work.

Bukiwe Keva, who plays Asanda in the television show Gomora, is winning a lot of fans over with her performance. Asanda, the character that Bukiwe played on the television show Gomora, brought her a lot of fame. She first gained widespread recognition thanks to the successful series. She has been doing extremely well for herself and gives off the impression that she enjoys being in the spotlight. Additionally, her acting keeps getting better with each new episode that she appears in. Many viewers are curious about Asanda’s age due to the fact that she appears to be rather young and plays the role of a student on the show.

Busiswa Keva said in her internet biography that although she was born in Queenstown, she spent most of her childhood in Cape Town. After completing her matriculation examination in 2011, she relocated to Johannesburg in order to pursue her ambition of working in the acting industry.

She asserts that she is a self-motivated individual who is committed to putting in long hours in order to achieve success in her chosen field.
Bukiwe Keva as Asanda on Gomora
Bukiwe Keva, the actress who portrays the role of Asanda, is in fact a nice young lady in her personal life, and she is not even close to being a teenager.

In actual life, she is nothing like the persona she plays on the program, which is a good thing. Asanda is a young woman who is still in her teenage years and attending high school. Because of her little stature and the fact that she appears to be rather young on the show, many people are under the impression that she is only a teenager in real life. Asanda is an ordinary high school girl who, just like every other high school girl, contends with a variety of difficulties. Through her, they walk us through the struggles of being a young girl in this day and age, especially considering the amount of pressure that comes from the internet teaching youngsters what is cool.

Bukiwe Keva’s genuine age amazes Gomora audiences
In spite of the fact that she appears to be 17 years old, Bukiwe is not actually a teenager in her real life. Her age is 27 years old. Many of her followers were taken aback when they learned her age because she appears to be in her early 20s. She doesn’t appear a day older than twenty at all. However, Bukiwe does in fact have a son. Her son is approximately eight years old at this point, and the bond that she has with him is so wonderful and adorable. On her Instagram profile, Bukiwe never stops gushing over her boyfriend.

Senzo Radebe, who is well known for having played Sthembiso “Sthe” Gumede in Muvhango, is rumored to be dating Bukiwe. Radebe is a former actor who appeared in Muvhango. However, the actress was doing a true or false questionnaire about her stories. Fans of hers wanted to know, among other things, if she is in a relationship with the actor. To which she repeatedly answered with a bogus response. It would appear that he is merely a brother. The news is upsetting to hear because they seemed happy in the images they took together.

Bukiwe shared a photograph of them together on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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