etvScandal! Mbali concocts a risky scheme in an attempt to steal the child away from Winnie.

Because of the lies that Mbali has told her husband in the past, it appears that the Hlatshwayo family has turned against her, and the only thing that is left for her to do is to introduce the new child that she has promised everyone to Jojo.

However, her lies have gotten her into trouble because her uncle found out that she is not pregnant and that she has been using her sister to give birth to Jojo’s children by forcing her sister to have sexual relations with her husband. Her uncle made this discovery after finding out that she had lied about being pregnant.

etvScandal! Mbali concocts a risky scheme in an attempt to steal the child away from Winnie.

She has just hatched a perilous plot to take this baby from her sister by coercion, and it appears that this plot will haunt her for the rest of her life. This is due to the fact that her sister has reconsidered the agreement that the two of them made in the past, and she now intends to bring up this child on her own.

Mbali is doing everything in her power to keep her marriage together.

A little over eight months ago, Winnie (Fundiswa Ngcobo) gave her blessing to her older sister Mbali’s (Nolwazi Ngubeni) scheme to drug Mbali’s husband Jojo (Melusi Mbele) and convince him to impregnate Winnie. Mbali’s plan was to have Winnie become pregnant by Jojo.

Mbali has guaranteed that she will provide for her sister’s needs and see to it that Winnie will never be in want of anything. However, the walls have finally collapsed on Mbali, and just as Winnie’s secret is about to be revealed to the world, she realizes that she has made a terrible error in judgment.

Winnie gave her consent to all of this because she was assured that her life would improve as a result; however, after witnessing Mbali’s accident, she is left with many unanswered questions; unfortunately, she is unable to undo what has already been done.

Her worry stems from the fact that Mbali will have to bring up the unborn child by herself, despite the fact that the previous plan was for naught.


It would appear that Mbali’s worst fear of having her lie about being pregnant and having it exposed will come true, and Winnie will be right in the middle of it.

Everything that Mbali has to go through in order to keep her secret a secret has a direct impact on her sister. It is reasonable to assume that Jojo’s wrath will extend beyond Mbali if it turns out that she has been dishonest.

Mbali has an immediate need to put a plan into action in order to safeguard her web of lies, but in order to do so, she must have Winnie’s assistance. Will Winnie, on the other hand, go along with an alternative plan to cover up the first one?

Winnie is well aware of the lengths to which her sister will go in order to protect herself. But sometimes it still shocks Winnie. Just when she thinks she has a good understanding of her sister, Mbali goes and does something even more shocking.

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