Dr Malinga is already chewing the money that was donated to cover his depts

One of the people who has been garnering the most attention over the past few days is Dr. Malinga. This transpired after he sobbed in a load cast and chilled with Mac G while he was describing how SARS had taken all of his property and auctioned it off at a very low price because he owed them money. Mac G was present during the incident.

There are rumors that indicate Malinga has not paid their taxes in the recent years.

He went on to explain how vivid made everything difficult for him because he was unable to make any income because he wasn’t being booked. He said that this made everything difficult for him.

In light of all of this, he has taken to social media to beg for financial support. He is making an appeal to the community for financial support in the hopes of mounting a comeback.

He has received donations from a great number of people. Donations are coming in from other artists as well. One of the individuals who gave him a donation of R50,000 was named Black Coffee. After hearing his narrative, even Mamelodi Sundown booked him as a performer. The fact that South Africans are banding together to assist one another is a very heartening sight to watch.

After that, there are some viral videos of him that are now popular. In this video, Dr. Malinga can be seen engaging in some raunchy behavior with a young woman. A young lady used TikTok to share these films with the world.

There is nothing about the woman that suggests that she is his girlfriend or that they were merely filming a movie together. After watching this film, a great number of individuals were left perplexed.

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After watching this film, a great number of individuals were left perplexed. Some people even went on to say that they were spending the money we donated to them. A great number of individuals were unhappy with the fact that this lady appeared to be somewhat younger than Dr. Malinga.

In the course of my research and inquiries concerning Dr. Malinga and that lady, I discovered that the aforementioned lady is a performer. Because she is also a performer, it is possible that the two of them will appear in a music video together.

It’s possible that Malenga is attempting to make a comeback, and these films are his way of drawing attention to himself in the process. What are your thoughts on the content of these videos? Is it acceptable for an older man to engage in such behavior with a girl of her age?

The singer-songwriter behind the hit “Via Orlando” disclosed his debt to the South African Revenue Service (Sars) to City Press on Wednesday. Donations from members of the general public made it possible for him to make a payment of R100 000 on Wednesday.

“We have raised R100,000 through donations of R10, R13, and R1 500 and artists donated with many things, including bookings,” he said. “These donations helped us raise the necessary funds.”

Malinga stated that he was currently in debt to the tax man in the amount of R400,000, which he was willing to settle before Sars arrived to seize any more of his possessions.

“First they came for the furniture, then the cars, and now they’re coming for my house,” the owner said.

Malinga said:

People have been helping. The contributions of others are not being accepted. They are spreading requests for people to book me on their social media platforms, and bookings have been rolling in, so everything is up for grabs at the moment. The physician Dr. Malinga from Via Orlando will soon be returning.

The artist, who is famous for delivering unforgettable concerts and dressing to the nines, stated that his financial condition began to deteriorate during the lockdown, when entertainment spaces were prohibited.

Everything was messed up because of COVID-19, and the government did nothing to safeguard us as artists. I had the impression that the government was wasting their money on me while Covid-19 was going on. They used to depend on us to pull people, but when we were struggling during the Covid-19 event, they did not come through for us. According to him, the government has “truly failed us as artists.”

The proprietor of Lingas Entertainment, who is also a father of three, stated that it was difficult for him to provide for his family.

“We had accepted all that had been going on because we recognized that God was doing what he was doing for a definite good. This was the reason that we had been able to accept everything that had been going on. There were occasions when we would go out with the children, and once we got there, they would request something that we just could not buy. I was so strapped for cash that I couldn’t even take a vacation or buy anything special for the kids’ birthdays or holidays. It was difficult in many ways, but our family was strong, and it served us well,” he explained further.

The singer expressed his hope that other musicians could benefit from his position by being informed about the problems associated with Sars and being able to avoid getting into difficulty themselves.

He said:

I truly hope that the SARS would investigate the possibility of establishing a program through which individuals will be instructed on how to file their taxes rather than simply appearing when it is time to collect and attach our belongings. They can do a better job of instructing people on the most efficient way to file documents.

“The amount of money that I owed them came as quite a surprise to me. They take some time to come after you, but if we had known earlier that I owed Sars, I would have paid it off a long time ago,” he added. “They take some time to come after you.”

Dr. Malinga stated that the reason he attended the Podcast and Chill with MacG event was so that he could tell his experience.

“I went to the podcast because I wanted to sit down and share my story in its entirety while avoiding being misunderstood, and I figured the best place to do so would be on your show. Because I am not very good at typing, I wanted to relate my tale without worrying that anyone would condemn me for it.

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