Dr. Malinga answers to claims that he received $5000 from Black Coffee 

Dr. Malinga answers to claims that he received $5000 from Black Coffee

Dr. Malinga has received donations since appearing on Podcast and Chill, although not as many as some may think. Following his appearances on Chill with MacG and the podcast, Dr. Malinga’s money have been a hot topic on social media.

Dr. Malinga covered a variety of subjects during the two-hour program, but the part of his interview where he sobbed while discussing how his problems with the tax man became public was the most talked-about.

Musa Khawula, a blogger who specializes in gossip, tweeted last month: “The Sheriff visited Dr. Malinga’s residence and repossessed his property. According to reports, his furnishings and appliances will go on sale the next week.

Dr. Malinga answers to claims that he received $5000 from Black Coffee

Although he acknowledged that the anecdote was true, he contextualized his money by insisting that the idea of being broke was relative. He said this to the podcast host.

What transpired between Sars and Dr. Malinga?

They stole my furnishings, so… I should have invited you to my home while we were conversing, the musician said in jest.

He then made reference to the fact that he entered a guilty plea on the advice of a lawyer he trusted to resolve a matter that he didn’t seem to believe was all that important.

After learning that he owed the revenue service R2.1 million, he did this.

“Eish! I can remember sending R1 million at the time. It was the ninth of July, the day after my birthday and the month of Durban. I pushed send with my son’s finger,” Malinga reflected.

He said, “I kept paying till I was struggling,” before describing the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic suspension.

Malinga recollects asking Nathi Mthethwa, the minister of sports, arts, and culture, as well as a number of other people, whether they knew of anyone who could help him.

The singer claimed he went to the auction where his belongings were being sold and felt compelled to plead with the auctioneers to put off selling his stuff while he explained his situation to them.

“I’m that person; I’m not looking for donations. Not in a bad way… Maybe I’m not used to receiving since I’m used to giving. He begged, “Let me pause here, and I’ll take a moment to cry.”

The fact that he displayed such vulnerability in an interview moved so many people to help him after it aired.

He continued by saying that up until Musa Khawula made it public, he was okay with what had occurred.

Malinga claimed that he couldn’t hate the blogger because he wasn’t doing anything wrong; he was just going about his business.

“He made it popular, and because I’m not a celebrity, several people condemned me. But as you are aware, I only perform for television as a vocalist.

What is Dr. Malinga’s debt to Sars?

Dr. Malinga noted that the revenue service would need to assess what his outstanding balance was after paying R1 million toward his R2.1 million debt and having his belongings sold at auction to cover the balance.

The musician said that they also sold one of his cars for a pitiful R40,000 along with some of his household goods.

He estimated his outstanding balance to be around R500 000.

People mobilize to help

Social media users spread the rumor that fellow musician Black Coffee stepped up to pay the entire payment as a result of this anticipated overdue amount.

Dr. Malinga answers to claims that he received $5000 from Black Coffee

Dr. Malinga challenged people on Twitter.

“Hey guys, let’s not lead people astray. @RealBlackCoffee didn’t give 500k. Bye, thanks,” he tweeted.

After other musicians like Kabza de Small, Busiswa, Oskido, and Mkahadzi joined forward to help the musician make money, this is what happened.

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