DJ Sbu Defends the Messy Appearance

DJ Sbu, a veteran producer and businessman, has replied to criticisms of his unkempt appearance by declaring that people should stop bothering him.

DJ Sbu, whose real name is Sbusiso iLeope, recently caused a social media frenzy when a photo of him dressed as a bum went viral.

A businessman in a greyish-blue bucket hat and massive dark sunglasses was parked in his car.

DJ Sbu was sitting in the passenger seat of a car bathed in early morning light, his large coat buttoned all the way up with brightly colored plastic buttons.

His scruffy beard completely hid his chin and a good chunk of his mouth.

Twitter users in Mzansi cried out for help when they saw DJ Sbu’s recent struggles. Some have claimed that his famous pals do not care enough about him to assist him improve his appearance.

Scruffy Style Is OK, Says DJ Sbu Photographed by DJ Sbu on Instagram.
The seasoned radio host and musician recently resorted to Facebook to respond to critics, assuring them he was unmoved by their criticism.

It was his turn to respond, and he said:

“I’ve heard rumors that I don’t bathe. In other words, men, step it up. We might be devoting our time and energy to more pressing issues facing this country. Don’t touch my hair or ntshebe (beard). I’ve been in the workforce for a while now, and I’ve had nothing to prove. I’m ok. Even though you’re rude (ni ngi jwayela kabi mara), I still adore males. This beard and hair are staying put. Having longer hair or a beard does not imply that you avoid taking showers. In all seriousness, I want anyone who are concerned to know that I am doing OK. I am spot on. Our company is expanding, and life at home and with the kids is great.”


While some Twitter users connected DJ Sbu to American rappers Jay Z and J Cole, others were certain that the ancestors of singer Zahara were “dealing with him.”

It all started when Zahara accused DJ Sbu and Thembinkosi “TK” Nciza, who were both her record label executives at her old company, TS Records, of exploiting her. Since then, the Loliwe hitmaker and the DJ have not been on good terms.

In 2019, Zahara asserted that she had not been compensated for her debut album, Loliwe, by her previous employers in the form of royalties. Over 500,000 copies of the record were sold, and it earned Zahara many accolades.

On the other hand, DJ Sbu asserts that this is not the case. In July of the previous year, he made an effort to clear his name by taking to Twitter and writing the following:

It has always been the case that Ms. Zahara’s money has been given to her.

In reaction, the vocalist for Mgodi discredited his statements and accused him of being a liar.

“Since I parted ways with the record label, I haven’t been receiving anything, and I discovered recently that my music had been uploaded on digital platforms without my knowledge; this indicates that they sold my records to somebody, and it means that I need to get a cut for it,” the former recording artist explained.

The argument between DJ Sbu and Zahara has been going on for some time, with both parties maintaining that the other is not telling the truth. In an interview with TshisaLive from the previous year, DJ Sbu responded angrily to Zahara by stating that he “raised” himself up from “nothing.”

“I’ve never sought an opportunity to gain from someone or tried to take somebody else’s money,” he continued. “I’ve always been honest and straightforward.”

Again, when Zahara was in a tough spot this year, as when she was on the verge of losing her townhouse in Roodeport, she pointed the finger of blame at DJ Sbu and Nciza for her financial difficulties.

And throughout this conflict over royalties, tweeps have consistently sided with Zahara.

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